Snap Fitness Membership Cost & Prices List 2024

Snap Fitness is rapidly becoming many people’s go-to spot for affordable, convenient, and comprehensive workout facilities. This global gym chain, founded in 2003 by Peter Taunton, aims to make fitness accessible for all.

With over 1,400 locations across the world, including a significant presence throughout the United States, Snap Fitness offers members round-the-clock access to top-notch equipment and training.

But before you step foot in a Snap Fitness center, you’re probably wondering:

Snap Fitness Membership Cost 2024

Snap Fitness Membership Cost

This complete pricing guide has everything you need to know about the costs of joining Snap Fitness. We’ll break down all the membership fees, compare prices to leading gym competitors, outline contract terms, and more.

Snap Fitness Prices: How Much Does Snap Fitness Cost

Snap Fitness offers flexible membership options to meet diverse needs and budgets. Pricing can vary based on location, specific amenities, membership type, contract length, and additional services.

Here is an overview of standard Snap Fitness membership pricing:

  • Individual Monthly Membership – $40 to $55 per month
  • Individual Annual Membership – $300 to $500 per year ($25 to $42 per month)
  • Couples Membership – $55+ per month
  • Family Membership – $65 to $150 per month
  • Joining Fee – $0 to $100 (often waived)
  • Access Card Fee – Approximately $20, one-time

Keep reading for a more detailed breakdown of all Snap Fitness fees!

Single Class/Drop-in Price

Unlike certain gym chains centered around class packages, Snap Fitness emphasizes flexible membership plans for regular gym access.

However, some locations do offer single-session rates or day passes. These typically range from $5 to $20 per class or visit.

Snap Fitness Membership Cost Breakdown

Here is a comprehensive overview of Snap Fitness membership types and associated fees:

Individual Memberships

For solo gym-goers, Snap Fitness offers affordable individual memberships.

  • Monthly Plans: Expect to pay $40 to $55 per month with no annual contract. Going month-to-month allows flexibility but comes at a slight premium.
  • Annual Contract: An annual membership of $300 to $500 breaks down to $25 to $42 per month. This offers savings over the monthly fees.

Typical joining fees of $45 to $100 sometimes get waived with promotions. All members pay an upfront $20 access card fee to enter facilities 24/7.

Couples Memberships

For pairs looking to work out together, Snap Fitness couples memberships start around $55 per month. This offers a discount over two individual memberships.

Standard joining fees and access card charges apply.

Family Memberships

Households can take advantage of Snap Fitness family plans catered to various sizes. Monthly rates typically span from $65 for smaller families up to $150 for larger packs.

As always, check with your local Snap for exact pricing.

Additional Services & Prices

Beyond standard gym access, Snap Fitness offers specialized services and classes for an extra fee:

  • Personal Training: $30 to $70 per private session
  • Group Classes: $5 to $20 per class
  • Nutritional Counseling: $50 to $100 per session

Pricing varies based on duration, trainer qualifications, and location.

Day Pass & Guest Pass Prices 2024

For those looking to test out Snap Fitness, many locations provide:

  • Day Passes: $10 to $20 for 24-hour gym access
  • Guest Passes: Often free first visit passes to trial the facilities

This allows potential members to experience Snap with no strings attached. If within 30 days you decide a membership is not for you, Snap will fully refund the fees paid.

Snap Fitness Prices List

Membership & Fees Typical Cost
Monthly Dues $40 to $55
Joining Fee Up to $100 (sometimes waived)
Annual Fee $35
Access Card $20
Monthly Dues $55+
Joining Fee Up to $100 (sometimes waived)
Annual Fee $35
Access Card $20
Monthly Dues $65 to $150
Joining Fee Up to $100 (sometimes waived)
Annual Fee $35
Access Card $20
Other Fees
Early Cancellation Fee $25
Payment Decline Fine $20

Table summarizing typical Snap Fitness membership costs

Snap Fitness Prices Compared to Other Gyms

How does Snap Fitness compare cost-wise to other popular gym chains?

Snap Fitness vs. Anytime Fitness

Snap Fitness and Anytime Fitness take similar approaches as 24/7 gyms with no contracts. Typical costs fall in the same range, usually $35 to $55 per month. Overall pricing and offerings are competitive.

Snap Fitness vs. Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is an ultra budget-friendly gym starting at just $10 per month. Snap Fitness provides more amenities and flexibility at the higher $40 to $55 monthly rate. It appeals more to seasoned gym members looking for diverse equipment.

Snap Fitness vs. LA Fitness

With extensive facilities like pools and courts, LA Fitness can demand higher pricing at $30 to $60 monthly. Snap Fitness takes a more tailored, specialized approach for those focused purely on weights and cardio.

So Snap Fitness strikes a balance – more affordable than upscale gyms but more robust offerings compared to barebones budget clubs.

Can You Share a Snap Fitness Membership?

Snap Fitness does allow membership transfers in certain areas. The new member pays any fees like the joining and access card charges. Check with your specific location for their policy.

Does Snap Fitness Have Annual Contracts?

While Snap Fitness offers discounted annual contracts, they do not lock you into lengthy agreements. If you cancel within 12 months, expect to pay a $25 early termination fee. After the year is up, switching back to a no-commitment monthly plan is easy.

What’s the Minimum Age to Use Snap Fitness Independently?

Snap Fitness facilities are suited for motivated teens ready for rigorous training:

  • 16 to 17 years old: Can get a membership with a parental waiver. No supervision is required.
  • Younger than 16: The parent must actively supervise workouts. Check specific location policies.

So with some paperwork, mature high-schoolers can feel comfortable training solo at Snap Fitness. Still, proper adult guidance is best for younger teens or tweens.

Snap Fitness Workouts & Gym Offerings

What does a Snap Fitness membership give you access to? With round-the-clock availability, you can take advantage of:

  • Cardio machines: Treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes
  • Strength equipment: Free weights, resistance machines, functional gear
  • Personal training: 1-on-1 coaching from certified experts
  • Group classes: Specialized sessions like yoga, HIIT, and Zumba (varies)
  • 24/7 facility access: Workout whenever fits your schedule

Offerings ultimately depend on specific locations, so inquire locally about amenities to expect.

Cancelling a Snap Fitness Membership

Ready to cancel your Snap Fitness membership? Just head to your home gym in person, give them a call, or shoot an email to They will take you through the quick cancellation process.

Remember, if you are mid-contract, be prepared for a $25 early termination fee.

You can also visit the gym locator page to find your gym’s contact details for all membership inquiries.

Snap Fitness Membership Costs Near Me

As a franchise model with over 1,400 global gyms, Snap Fitness pricing can adjust based on your specific area. However, you can expect rates in line with the estimates provided in this guide.

Use Snap’s gym finder page to locate contact details for your nearest location. Reach out with any pricing questions specific to gyms in your locale.

Top 3 Snap Fitness Membership Cost Alternatives:

Gym Monthly Cost Key Perks
Planet Fitness $10 to $25 Ultra-budget friendly, simple equipment
Anytime Fitness $35 to $55 Open 24/7, no contracts
LA Fitness $30 to $60+ Extensive amenities, pools, courts

FAQs About Snap Fitness Pricing and Memberships:

  • Q: How much are the Snap Fitness monthly rates?

A: Snap Fitness offers monthly plans from around $40 for individuals, $55 for couples, and $65 to $150 for families. Prices can vary across locations.

  • Q: How much does the access card cost at Snap Fitness?

A: There is a one-time $20 lifetime access card fee when joining to enter facilities after staffed hours.

  • Q: Does Snap Fitness offer any free trials?

A: Most locations offer guest passes or day passes from $5 to $20 to test out equipment and amenities. Some promotions include free first visits.

  • Q: What is the joining or signup fee at Snap Fitness?

A: Snap Fitness charges new members a joining fee from $0 to $100. This is sometimes waived if joining during a special offer period.

  • Q: What age do I need to be to join Snap Fitness alone?

A: Those 16 and 17 can join Snap Fitness independently with parental consent. Younger teens and tweens need adult supervision when working out.

  • Q: Are there binding contracts at Snap Fitness?

A: While annual plans offer discounted rates, after 12 months you revert to flexible monthly billing. You can cancel anytime for a $25 fee if still in contract.

  • Q: Does Snap Fitness offer personal training and classes?

A: Most locations offer private and small group training sessions starting around $30 per class. Specialized group classes like yoga cost $5 to $20 a pop based on location.

  • Q: Can I join Snap Fitness as a couple?

A: Yes, Snap Fitness offers discounted couples memberships starting at around $55 monthly for two people to work together.

  • Q: How much does Snap Fitness charge to cancel early?

A: You’ll pay a $25 early termination fee if canceling in the middle of an annual contract. Month-to-month plans can be canceled without penalties.

  • Q: What happens if I don’t like Snap Fitness after joining?

A: Snap Fitness offers full membership refunds if within 30 days you decide their gyms are not a fit for your needs, no questions asked!

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Conclusion: Snap Fitness Offers 24/7 Gym Access Starting at $40 Monthly

For convenient facilities open all day, every day, Snap Fitness provides an affordable exercise solution. While specific pricing fluctuates based on location promotions and membership type selected, expect to budget $40 or more monthly as an individual.

Snap Fitness meets the needs of dedicated gym-goers looking for strength, cardio, and flexibility training options outside peak hours.

Before joining, utilize guest passes and make sure your nearest gym’s equipment and amenities suit your workout requirements.

Snap Fitness offers flexible 24/7 gym access starting at around $40 per month for an individual plan. Costs scale from there based on membership type, contract length, and additional amenities like group classes or personal training.

Initiation fees are sometimes waived but do expect recurring annual fees of around $35 in addition to the $20 lifetime access card charge.

While pricing varies across Snap Fitness’ vast franchise network, this guide covers standard costs to help you budget for a membership. And remember, if after 30 days you don’t feel Snap Fitness is improving your fitness, they provide full refunds, no questions asked.

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