Planet Fitness Membership Cost + Per Month Prices 2024

With over 2,300 judgment-free gyms across the United States, Planet Fitness aims to provide quality fitness environments at affordable prices. This planet-wide chain stands out with its welcoming philosophy that fitness should be accessible, approachable, and non-intimidating regardless of experience or fitness level.

Since 1992, Planet Fitness has upheld this “Judgement Free Zone” principle while keeping rates budget-friendly. Membership fees start at just $10 a month.

Planet Fitness Membership Cost + Per Month Prices 2024

Planet Fitness Membership Cost

This article will break down everything you need to know about Planet Fitness gym pricing. Learn about monthly rates, annual and sign-up fees, membership level differences, and cancellation policies plus tips for avoiding certain fees. Comparisons with competing gym rates also help you see the exceptional value Planet Fitness offers for casual fitness buffs and athletes alike.

We will also cover Planet Fitness perks and amenities spanning state-of-the-art fitness equipment to amenities like massage therapy services. Finally, FAQs provide quick answers to the most commonly asked questions from guests.

Let’s explore Planet Fitness’ affordably priced gym access and high-value membership benefits:

Planet Fitness Prices 2024

  • Two straightforward membership tiers:
    • Classic at $10 per month
    • Black Card at $22.99 per month
  • Both options have a $39 annual fee
  • Special promotions allow joining without paying startup fees
  • Membership prices remain consistent nationwide

Popular Planet Fitness Fees

Fee Type Fee Amount
Monthly (Classic) $10
Monthly (Black Card) $22.99
Annual $39
Signup (promo average) $0 to $1
Cancellation $0
Guests $22.99/month for Black Card holders
Family Add-on Unavailable

Planet Fitness Membership Cost 2024

Membership Tier Monthly Rate Key Perks Classic $10 Equipment access at your Home Club location Black Card $22.99 Equipment access at any Location + Extras like massage chairs/tanning

Both options above have a $39 annual fee. Promotions are available occasionally allowing you to waive startup fees which generally run $10 or less.

Prices Compared to Other Gyms

Gym Classic Monthly Rate
Planet Fitness $10
Orange Theory Fitness $59 Average
Gold’s Gym $29.99 Average
LA Fitness $29.99 Average
Fitness 19 $9.99-$19.99
YMCA $46 Average
Life Time Fitness $150 Average

As shown above, in the comparison chart, Planet Fitness offers exceptional value for the casual gym-goer as well as dedicated athletes. Both their Classic and Black Card membership rates beat the pricing at typical low-cost gyms while providing far more amenities and equipment.

Planet Fitness Workouts & Amenities

Although Planet Fitness leads the fitness world for value, they do not skimp on top-quality amenities including:

  • Thousands of popular cardio machines like treadmills, ellipticals, and stair steppers.
  • Extensive weight sections with both machine equipment & free weights.
  • Planet Fitness App with 500+ exercises and tutorials.
  • 30-Minute Express Workout circuit for members short on time.
  • Virtual group classes like Zumba®, Total Body Strength, and Yoga Flow.
  • Free Fitness Coaching & Equipment Orientations.
  • Full locker rooms & showers in each location.
  • Black Card extras: Unlimited use of massage chairs, and tanning beds*.

*Available in select locations

Planet Fitness Guest & Day Pass Policy

Given its exceptionally low monthly rates, Planet Fitness does not currently offer free 1-day free passes or guest promotions. However, new members can score a free 7-day trial with a sign-up to experience the gym.

If looking for a walk-in guest rate, day passes run about $20 per adult visitor depending on location.

Planet Fitness Family Membership Cost

While family workout options are important, Planet Fitness does not offer any special family rates or bundles. Each adult family member must purchase a membership.

However, one parent/guardian may sponsor their minor child under 18 on their own Classic account at no extra charge beyond their $10 monthly fee. Some Black Card guest access privileges also apply to supervising members.

Ways to Avoid Paying Annual Fees

While Planet Fitness’s annual fees seem small at just $39 per year, avoiding fees can still help us maximize savings. Consider these 3 useful tips:

  • Buy Planet Fitness store gift cards with full dollars-for-dollars value to offset annual fee charges.
  • Take advantage of temporary dollar-per-month member promotions where annual fees get waived.
  • Refer friends and relatives to gain new member referral cash bonuses.

Cancellation Policy Highlights

Some key things to keep in mind when canceling a Planet Fitness membership:

  • There are no cancellation, sign-up, or transfer fees.
  • Submit a cancellation letter/form to your Home Club before the upcoming billing.
  • Or cancel in person at your home gym location.
  • Active monthly billing continues until the next billing date after notice.

FAQs on Planet Fitness Membership Cost:

  • How much does a basic Planet Fitness membership cost per month?

A standard Classic membership runs $10 monthly after a $0 to $10 one-time signup fee.

  • What amenities do Black Card Memberships provide?

For $22.99 a month, upgrade to access extras like free messaging chairs, and tanning beds plus the ability to use any Planet Fitness location.

  • Can I work out at multiple Planet Fitness gyms with a Classic membership?

No, Classic memberships only provide equipment access at your designated Home Club location.

  • What annual fee does Planet Fitness charge?

A $39 annual fee applies to all membership types once per calendar year.

  • Does Planet Fitness offer family workout memberships?

No family rates are available. Each adult must purchase their membership even when signing up multiple household members.

  • Are there private showers or bathrooms at Planet Fitness gyms?

In keeping operating costs low, showering facilities remain community-style with private changing areas.

  • Can I bring my teenage kid (under 18) along to work out?

Yes, but teens require supervision from a parent/guardian co-signed onto that adult’s Classic account. Restrictions on unattended access apply by age.

  • Is childcare available?

Unfortunately, children’s services like childcare are not offered.

  • What are the typical costs for guest day passes?

Guest day passes average around $20 per adult visitor but vary by location. Availability is not guaranteed.

  • How do I cancel my membership without extra charges?

Cancellations are free but must be done in person or via written notice before your upcoming billing date.


With judgment-free welcoming vibes and seriousness about affordable rates, Planet Fitness goes the extra mile to help more people achieve their health goals.

They succeed by offering unmatched value across all locations systemwide. Equipment needs for casual fitness or intense training routines stay equally met.

The choice comes down to your ideal monthly rate and membership privileges via flexible Classic or Black Card options. Either way, you gain access to amazing amenities at costs well below competing gyms.

So whether looking to boost cardio health, gain strength, try group classes, or simply shower after workouts, a Planet Fitness location nearby has everything you need. Now let’s tear up those fitness trails without tearing up wallets or self-esteem!

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