Planet Fitness Free Trial DayPass [Official Process 2024]

Have you been considering joining Planet Fitness but are hesitant to commit without experiencing it first? The good news is that Planet Fitness offers a Free Trial Day Pass so you can try out their gym for a day before becoming a member. In 2024, this convenient offering is more popular than ever.

As of 2024, Planet Fitness has over 2,300 locations nationwide, with new gyms continuing to open at a rapid rate. The gym is well-known for its welcoming, judgment-free environment and ultra-affordable $10 per month basic membership option. By letting newbies experience their facilities 100% risk-free with a Free Trial Day Pass, Planet Fitness makes it easy to see why over 15 million members have already joined.

With the Free Trial Day Pass, you can visit a local Planet Fitness near you once every 90 days to work out for free for an entire day. It’s a fantastic way to take their low-cost gym for a test run before you decide if their equipment, classes, and overall vibe are a good match for your preferences and fitness goals.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try Planet Fitness in 2024 before becoming their next loyal member! also, check the latest Planet Fitness membership cost near your location.

Planet Fitness Free Trial DayPass 2024

Planet Fitness Free Trial DayPass

Is There a Planet Fitness Free Trial?

Yes! Planet Fitness offers free day passes so prospective members can check out the facilities and atmosphere before committing to a paid membership.

You can get a free day pass in two main ways:

  • As a local resident: Planet Fitness allows locals to come in for a free workout once every 90 days. Just bring proof that you live nearby.
  • Visiting with a Black Card member: If you know someone with a paid Black Card membership, they can bring you as their guest for a free day.

Some gyms may also have special promotional offers for free day passes. Check with your local Planet Fitness or keep an eye out online for any deals in your area.

How Long is the Planet Fitness Free Trial?

The Planet Fitness free day pass gives you access for one whole day. You can come and go as needed during their operating hours for that location.

If you want an extended trial before signing up, Planet Fitness does offer very affordable week passes you can purchase instead of a free day. A one-week pass typically costs around $5 to $20 depending on location.

How to Get a Free Trial at Planet Fitness?

How to Get a Free Trial at Planet Fitness?

Getting a free day pass at Planet Fitness is easy to do through two main options:

Quick Way to Get Planet Fitness Free Trial DayPass:

  • Step #1: Visit as a Local Resident

All Planet Fitness locations allow residents to access the gym free of charge once every 90 days. Just head to your nearest location and inform the front desk staff that you’d like to redeem your free day pass as a local. Be sure to bring a photo ID displaying your address.

Then you simply need to fill out some basic paperwork and you’ll be good to go work for free that day!

  • Step #2: Attend as a Black Card Member’s Guest

The other most convenient way to get a free trial is by having an existing Black Card member invite you as their guest for the day. This can be a friend, family member, or acquaintance willing to bring you along.

To use their guest pass privilege, the Black Card member just needs to register online via the Planet Fitness mobile app. They can send you an invite, and you’ll complete a basic sign-up process.

Once registered as their guest for the day, you can accompany them to the gym and work 100% free. No strings attached!

How Does the Planet Fitness Guest Pass Work?

Planet Fitness Black Card members get perks like unlimited guest privileges included in their higher-tier membership. This allows them to bring friends and family to work as their guests.

As a Planet Fitness guest using someone’s pass, here’s an overview of how it works:

  • The Black Card member registers you as their guest via the mobile app. They can only bring one guest per day.
  • Guests must be at least 18 years old, or 13-17 with a parent/guardian supervising.
  • You’ll need to complete a brief sign-up process after getting invited. Provide your basic contact info when prompted.
  • Only amenities open to the general public can be accessed. Some Black Card perks don’t extend to guests (i.e. tanning).
  • Time and usage limitations may vary. Check with your location for specific guest pass policies.

So while you don’t get all the same privileges, the guest pass lets you access the core gym facilities and try things out before joining.

How to Get a Planet Fitness Guest Pass?

Want to visit Planet Fitness as someone’s guest but don’t know any Black Card members? Not a problem! Here are some easy tips for scoring a guest pass:

  • Ask friends/family – Reach out to your network in case someone has a membership already.
  • Inquire at the gym – Planet Fitness staff may know of members willing to use guest passes.
  • Check coupon sites – Websites may have free guest passcodes you can use.
  • Social media – Get the word out on your local community Facebook page or Nextdoor app.
  • Be friendly – Spark up conversations with members as you’re out and about nearby.

With some friendly inquiring and creative thinking, you should be able to find a Black Card member who wouldn’t mind inviting you in for the day!

Planet Fitness Free Trial Policy

While Planet Fitness is extremely welcoming to newcomers, they do have a few rules around free trials that you need to keep in mind:

  • Guests must be 18+ years old (13-17 permitted if a guardian is present)
  • Only one free workout is allowed every 90 days for residents
  • Valid photo ID showing proof of address must be presented
  • Standard gym rules and code of conduct apply during the trial

As long as you meet these basic requirements, you shouldn’t have any issues taking advantage of their free trial offer before committing to a paid membership.

Planet Fitness Guest Pass Policy

Similar guidelines apply for those entering as a Black Card member’s guest for the day. Be sure you understand and follow their key guest policies:

  • Only one guest permitted per Black Card member at a time
  • Guests must complete the registration process via the mobile app
  • Minimum age is 18 years old without a parent, 13+ allowed with supervising adult
  • Some amenities are off-limits to guest users (i.e. tanning beds and massage chairs are typically not included)
  • Specific usage limitations may be enforced on a location-by-location basis

Checking their full guest policy details and limitations for your particular gym ahead of time is wise. This ensures you make the most of the free pass while staying compliant with any rules.

FAQs on Planet Fitness Free Trial DayPass 

  • Can I workout more than 1 day for free?

No, Planet Fitness only offers a single-day free pass. You can buy a week pass if you want an extended trial period.

  • Do I need to be with the Black Card member to use their guest pass?

No, they only need to register you online as their guest for the day. You can visit independently.

  • Can teens work out for free?

Yes, teens ages 13-17 can use a free day pass if their parent/guardian is with them supervising.

  • Do all locations participate in the free day promo?

Nearly all do, but not 100%. Call your local gym ahead to double-check.

  • Do I need to sign up for anything to get the free pass?

If visiting as a local, just some basic paperwork. As a guest, you need to complete an online registration.

  • Can I use the hydro massage beds for free?

Unfortunately, those are considered a Black Card membership perk only in most locations.

  • Is there a limit to how often someone can bring in guests?

Yes, the same guest can only be brought for a free visit once every 6 months.

  • Do I need to provide payment info to get the free trial?

Nope! No need to provide any payment details to take advantage of a single-day free guest pass.

  • Can I cancel my membership right after if I don’t like it?

Yes, you can cancel within 30 days for a full refund if you do sign up and then change your mind.

  • Who can I contact for more info about the free trial at my local gym?

Get in touch with the membership office team at your specific Planet Fitness location for complete details.

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Final Words:

We hope this complete guide gives you a great overview of how to access free trials and guest passes at Planet Fitness. Taking advantage of their generous offers is a fantastic way to experience their gym first-hand.

Now you know exactly how the process works as a resident or Black Card member’s guest. So go give your neighborhood PF a test run before committing to join! Just be mindful of any location-specific policies.

Here’s to trying new fitness adventures while keeping your budget and bank account happy!

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