Third Space Prices & Membership Cost 2024 in UK

As London’s premier luxury fitness club operator, Third Space delivers opulent gym experiences with lavish facilities and exceptional service.

This article showcases their locations, amenities, membership categories, personal training rates, guest access, and family plans, and provides a comprehensive cost breakdown.

Third Space Prices

Third Space Prices

Introduction to Third Space London UK

Established in 2012 and catering to metropolitan professionals, Third Space transformed the boutique gym market through upscale offerings like:

  • Expansive fitness spaces equipped with cutting-edge gear.
  • Diverse class programming from yoga to underwater cycling.
  • Indulgent wet areas featuring vitality pools, aroma saunas, and plunge pools.
  • Ultra-luxe changing rooms stocked with designer toiletries.
  • Clinical nutrition planning from onsite dietitians.
  • High-tech body scanning and diagnostics.
  • One-on-one coaching with elite trainers holding advanced certifications.
  • Sleek, modern interiors with bespoke detailing.

With 6 clubs in coveted London neighborhoods, Third Space redefines luxury wellness through state-of-the-art facilities and tailored services.

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Third Space Locations in London

Current locations across prime central London districts include:

  • Soho, West End
  • Tower Bridge, South Bank
  • Marylebone, West End
  • Canary Wharf, Docklands
  • The City, Financial District
  • St Paul’s, The City

Future clubs opening shortly further east in Kensington, Fulham Broadway, and Chiswick. Use their gym finder to pinpoint one nearby. Find All Locations Here.

Contact Details of Third Space London:

  • Address: 16 South Place, London, EC2M 2AQ
  • Phone Number: 0207 970 0930

Third Space London Opening Timings:

  • Monday – Friday 05:30 – 22:00
  • Saturday – Sunday 08:00 – 20:00
  • Bank Holidays – 08:00 – 20:00

Signature Amenities and Facilities

Transcending typical gyms, Third Space locations provide:

Aquatic Centers

  • 20-meter ozone lap pools
  • Leisure pools with massage stations
  • Vitality pools with massage jets
  • Cold plunge pools

Wet Leisure Zones

  • Crystal steam rooms
  • Finnish saunas
  • Experience showers
  • Ice grottos
  • Heated seats

Tier X Performance Hub

  • HIIT training powered by MyZone heart rate tracking
  • Performance tracking screens
  • Battle ropes, sleds, soft plyo boxes

Boxing & Martial Arts

  • Heavy bags, tech pads, free weights
  • Octagon kickboxing ring
  • Judo mat floors
  • Virtual reality boxing

Changing Rooms

  • Private showers
  • Luxury toiletries
  • Grooming essentials
  • Phone charging

Fuel Stations

  • Juice bars
  • Healthy eats cafes
  • Barista coffee

These extensive amenities support 360 health and wellbeing.

Membership Options & Monthly Fees 2024

To unlock Third Space access:

  1. Book a 3-day free guest pass
  2. Select your preferred membership tier
  3. Provide direct debit account details
  4. Schedule a facility orientation
  5. Personalize with add-ons as desired
  6. Begin working out in luxury!

Membership Classification

Third Space offers two core membership packages:

  • Essential: Gym, studio classes, changing rooms
  • All Club: Pool, spa, thermal areas

Essential memberships allow full gym and studio access while All Club memberships include wet facilities.

Both are available as:

  • Off-Peak (Outside Peak Times)
  • Peak (All Operating Hours)

This allows members to select based on usage needs.

Third Space Prices for Monthly Membership 2024

Membership Type Off-Peak Price Peak Price
Essential £175/month £225/month
All Club £195/month £245/month

*Prices shown are introductory monthly fees

Yearly commitments provide around 10% off per month. Various membership add-ons are also offered additionally.

Complete Third Space Pricing 2024

Below are the typical Third Space membership rates and amenity pricing:

  • Essential Off-Peak membership: £175/month
  • Essential Peak membership: £225/month
  • All Club Off-Peak membership: £195/month
  • All Club Peak membership: £245/month
  • Personal training: From £80/hour
  • Nutrition coaching: From £200/month
  • Guest day pass: £20
  • Day pass: £15-£35
  • Family membership add-on: £50/month

Class Rates & Gym Pass Comparison 2024

Offering Third Space Rate Average Gym Rate
Single Class From £20 £5-£15
1 Week Pass From £125 £15-£30
Monthly (Peak) From £225 £30-£50

As illustrated above, Third Space’s luxury positioning commands rates exceeding average gyms by over 400% for high-end amenities, service, and access.

Workout Programs & Gym Activities

Aside from usual weights and cardio equipment, additional fitness options include:

Aqua Studio

  • Underwater cycling
  • Aqua aerobics classes

Elevate Studio

  • Aerial yoga
  • Barre
  • Mat pilates

Ride Studio

  • Immersive spin classes
  • Virtual instructor-led sessions

Box Studios

  • Kickboxing
  • Muay thai
  • Jiu-jitsu

Court Studios

  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball

With broad class diversity from HIIT to hoop sessions, from paddleboarding to squash games, members enjoy endless activity variety for mind-body health.

Guest Passes, Day Passes & Trials

Third Space accommodates prospective members through:

  • Guest Passes – £20 per visit (via member)
  • Day Passes – £15-£35 per visit
  • 3-Day Free Trials – Bookable online

Trials and passes allow non-members full facility access to experience Third Space first-hand before committing through a membership.

Family Plans & Multi-Person Discounts

Add up to 2 family members onto your membership for £50 monthly each. Partners and couples must purchase separate memberships. However, members can share access through:

Buddy Passes – Bring a friend per day

So while formal multi-person discounts don’t exist, buddy access allows informal sharing of membership privileges.

Location Membership Fees

With 6 clubs in prime London districts and further expansion underway, membership rates align across sites, starting at around £175 monthly for Essential Off-Peak access.

Verify prices for Kensington, Canary Wharf, Bankside, or other neighborhoods through their gym finder site search tool to pinpoint one nearby.

About Third Space London:

Third Space is a premium fitness club chain based in London, founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Colin Waggett. With its upscale facilities and services, Third Space has redefined the boutique gym experience in the UK capital.

The first Third Space gym opened in Soho, London in 2012. As founder and CEO, Colin Waggett envisioned creating a luxury yet accessible urban health club brand for London professionals. Waggett came from a real estate investment background but pursued his passion for sport and wellness in creating Third Space.

From the inaugural West End location, Third Space has expanded to 6 exceptional clubs across prime central London neighborhoods like the City, Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge, and Marylebone.

The brand caters to metropolitan high achievers by integrating elite fitness and sports conditioning with thermal spas, cutting-edge diagnostics, luxury changing rooms, nutrition coaching, and more. State-of-the-art fitness equipment is complemented by specialty training studios for squash, boxing, indoor cycling, altitude performance, and more.

But while providing world-class fitness resources, Colin Waggett focused Third Space on community building and support networks. All locations promote member camaraderie through exercise challenges, events, talks, and partner activities. Trainers act as mentors, building personal relationships focused on accountability and enablement.

This dual emphasis on both high-performance gym facilities as well as the motivational community has differentiated Third Space within London’s crowded boutique fitness scene.

The brand continues significant expansion, including a flagship club in Kensington opening in 2023, as Third Space caters to busy urbanites seeking both exceptional gym spaces as well as inspiring networks.

With its unique approach blending luxury facilities with unmatched training expertise and community spirit, Third Space has redefined boutique fitness experiences since its founding by Colin Waggett just over a decade ago in 2012.

How to Cancel Third Space Membership?

  1. Log into your Third Space online member account or visit your home club in person.
  2. Access the membership cancellation form.
  3. Select your desired final membership end date, keeping in mind you need to provide at least 1 full calendar month’s notice.
  4. Settle any outstanding dues on your membership account to avoid issues.
  5. Formally submit the cancellation form with your requested termination date.
  6. Wait for Third Space to email you confirming receipt and approval of your cancellation request.
  7. Expect membership access and billing to continue as usual through your final month.
  8. On your last day of membership, visit the club one last time to handle any final admin items.
  9. Your Third Space membership will officially expire at the end of your selected final month.

FAQs on Third Space Prices:

  • Where are Third Space gym locations in London?

Locations include Soho, Tower Bridge, Marylebone, Canary Wharf, The City, and St Paul’s, with new clubs opening soon in Kensington, Fulham Broadway, and Chiswick.

  • What are Third Space’s key amenities and facilities?

Signature features include 20+ meter pools, thermal suites with saunas, a Tier X zone for high-intensity training, luxury locker rooms, onsite cafes, and more.

  • What types of workouts does Third Space offer?

From weights and cardio machines to specialized studios for boxing, indoor cycling, basketball, aquatic classes, aerial yoga, HIIT training, and more.

  • How much does a Third Space membership cost?

Intro offers start from £175/month for Essential Off-Peak access. Peak memberships run over £200+ per month. Annual commitments and added amenities cost extra.

  • Does Third Space offer guest passes or free trials?

Yes, single-use guest passes start at £20 while multi-day passes range from £15-£35 for prospects to experience clubs before joining.

  • Can I put my membership on hold if traveling?

Yes, memberships can flexibly freeze for 1-3 months over 12 months by notifying your home club subject to £10pcm admin fee.

  • How do I cancel my Third Space membership?

Cancellations require one calendar month’s written notice in advance of the intended final membership end date.

  • Are family membership discounts available?

Yes, add up to 2 families for £50 per person per month. Partners must hold separate memberships.

  • Can student and corporate discounts be applied?

Student and employee rates are not presently offered. However, the club runs periodic limited-time promotions.

  • Why does Third Space cost more than average gyms?

As London’s premium fitness provider, brand positioning, amenities, equipment, services, and locations warrant around 4X higher rates than market rates.


In summary, as London’s preeminent luxury fitness provider, Third Space offers exceptional gym experiences through fabulous amenities and five-star service standards.

While membership investments prove substantial, starting around £175 monthly with added fees, the expansive facilities, tailored training services, and overall exceptional quality make memberships well worthwhile.

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