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So you’re pumped about all the delicious amenities at LifeTime Fitness. The sparkling pools, acres of shiny equipment, and lavish locker rooms are worthy of a spa. Heck, they even have water slides! But here’s the big question – what’s it gonna cost you each month to access paradise?

I feel you. Who doesn’t wince when it comes to forking over hard-earned cash for a gym membership? But I’ve got your back! In this handy guide, I’ll decode LifeTime’s pricing structure so you know exactly what to expect cost-wise.

Fair warning, as a luxury brand, the fees are higher than your average commercial gym. However, remember that the experience and facilities are far more resort-style than just pounding away in a basic warehouse gym.

We’ll explore the common monthly rates at LifeTime for individuals, couples, and families. I’ll also break down day passes and specialty service charges so no stone is left unturned.

Many find the membership outlay worthwhile for everything under one roof – others may determine it still falls outside their budget. Either way, arm yourself with pricing intel so you can make the best choice!

Now, let’s dive in and uncover the true cost of gaining those sexy biceps, rockin’ abs, and toned buns with a lifetime membership!

Lifetime Membership Cost 2024

Lifetime Membership Cost

Lifetime gyms feature expansive workout spaces, top-quality equipment, luxurious locker rooms, aquatics centers with pools and water slides, onsite cafes, spas, and child care.

Group fitness is a core part of LifeTime’s offerings with a huge daily class schedule including yoga, spin, Zumba, Pilates, and more.

Personal training, nutrition advice, physical therapy, weight loss plans, and goal-setting services are also available.

The indulgent amenities match the higher membership rates. But for those wanting an elevated fitness journey where working out feels like visiting a luxury resort, LifeTime ticks all the boxes.

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Lifetime Fitness Price

Lifetime Fitness Price

As a premium brand, LifeTime Fitness commands higher monthly fees than average gyms. There are no long-term contracts though – memberships can be cancelled after the first 30 days.

Lifetime Fitness Cost Per Month

Here’s an overview of the different membership tiers and their typical costs:

Individual Memberships:

  • Monthly fees: $72 to $219
  • One year prepay: $900+

Couple Memberships:

  • Monthly fees: $122 to $369
  • One year prepay: $1,500+

Lifetime Fitness Family Membership:

  • Monthly fees: $142 to $499
  • One year prepay: $1,700+

Other key LifeTime membership pricing details:

  • Multi-club access costs $5-10 more per month.
  • Students and the military may have discounted rates.
  • Kids under 12 are free with a lifetime fitness family membership.
  • Initiation fees are currently waived.

As you can see, the monthly fees to join LifeTime are on the pricier side, but less than extra high-end gyms like Equinox. Families and couples get the best rates overall. The luxury amenities and facilities generally match the monthly membership costs.

Life time Fitness Membership Cost and Fees

Membership Type Initiation Fee Monthly Fee (Single Club) Monthly Fee (Multi-Club) 1 Year Prepay Discount
Individual $0 $72+ $79+ $900+
Couple $0 $122+ $129+ $1,500+
Family (2 Adults + Kids) $0 $142+ $149+ $1,700+
Student & Military Ask Club Ask Club Ask Club Ask Club
Day Pass NA NA NA $10-$50
Other Services NA NA NA Starts $5+

Day Passes and Single Class Prices

For one-off visits, day passes at LifeTime Fitness typically range from $10 to $50 depending on location.

This grants access for one day. Single classes like yoga drop-ins are normally $15 to $40 per session. There are often first-time visitor special offers available as well.

Additional Priced Services

On top of the base membership fees, LifeTime charges separately for premium services like:

  • Personal training: approx $70 to $125 per session
  • Massage therapy: $100+ per hour
  • Salon and spa: Haircuts $40+, facials/nails $80+
  • Swim lessons: Group lessons about $100/month
  • Specialty classes like Pilates: $20+ per class
  • Physical therapy: Varies, check with the club

Most members find that basic membership provides enough amenities, equipment, and classes without paying add-ons. But extras are there for those wanting some pampering and luxury.

Lifetime Membership Prices Monthly vs. Other Gyms – Comparison Table:

Lifetime Membership Prices Monthly vs. Other Gyms

LifeTime Fitness Prices vs. Other Gyms Prices

Gym Brand:

Prices: (Monthly)

LifeTime Fitness

$72.00 to $219.00


Starts from $210.00

LA Fitness

$35.00 to $55.00

Planet Fitness

$10.00 to $25.00

Anytime Fitness

$45.00 to $65.00

24 Hour Fitness

$30.00 to $50.00

LifeTime also costs slightly more than 24 Hour Fitness which offers monthly memberships ranging from $30 to $50 typically.

As shown above, LifeTime Fitness is around the middle of the pack price-wise for full service gym chains. You’re paying premium rates for an elevated, resort-style fitness experience with more amenities.

Can You Negotiate on the LifeTime Membership Cost?

LifeTime Fitness keeps pricing relatively fixed year-round unless running an official promotion. As a large luxury chain, there is less leeway for deals and haggling compared to independent gyms.

Most members pay the standard advertised membership rates.

That said, it can’t hurt to politely ask about any wiggle room, special offers, or when the next sales period may be.

Be friendly and tell them you love the facilities but are hoping for a small discount to help with affordability. They may take $5 or $10 off the monthly cost or waive initiation fees if interested in securing your membership.

Speaking to the gym manager directly tends to be more successful than regular sales reps. But there are no guarantees with LifeTime’s premium pricing model.

Is Apple Fitness Free for Lifetime Members?

Is Apple Fitness Free for Lifetime Members

Yes! Effective 2022, LifeTime Fitness provides free Apple Fitness+ access for members. Apple Fitness+ normally costs $9.99 per month or $79.99 annually for their library of online classes. So this neatly ties into a LifeTime membership without extra fees.

What are the Different LifeTime Membership Levels?

The highest membership tier at LifeTime Fitness provides nationwide access to all 150 luxury locations, including the premium Diamond resort-style clubs. Perks also include free classes, discounts on services, guest privileges, and exclusive member events.

Below this top tier, the main membership levels are:

  • Local single club access
  • Multi-club access in your state
  • Premium multi-state access

Memberships rise in price accordingly from local to national multi-club privileges. Family plans just build on the core tiers by adding 1 or 2 adults and kids.

LifeTime Fitness Amenities and Facilities

As a full-service premium health club and spa, LifeTime Fitness offers an immense array of amenities no matter your interests:

Cardio and Strength Facilities

  • Hundreds of state-of-the-art cardio machines like treadmills, bikes, rowers
  • Full lines of strength equipment – pull-up towers, power racks, benches
  • Extensive free weights sections and lifting platforms
  • Resistance machines, cables, kettlebells, suspension gear
  • Specialty equipment like Jacobs Ladders, Woodway treadmills

Recreation and Leisure Facilities

  • Luxury swimming pools, water slides, kid splash zones
  • Full-size basketball courts
  • Racquetball courts
  • Cycle studios for indoor spinning
  • Exercise studios offering daily group fitness classes
  • Steam rooms, saunas and whirlpools
  • Hot tubs, lounge areas, and outdoor decks

Premium Amenities and Services

  • Full-service salons and spas
  • Healthy meal cafes and juice bars
  • Physical therapy
  • Child care and kids club
  • Pilates reformers and private studios
  • Golf simulators
  • On-staff nutrition coaches
  • Aquatic programs

This covers most offerings. Some locations have extra services like cooking demos, salt therapy rooms, Primer fitness testing, and Triathlon clubs. Visit your nearest Life Time for a tour of their layout and facilities.

With such incredible amenities under one roof, it makes the premium monthly rates worthwhile for many. Plus membership includes the use of everything in your base monthly fee (except additional services like massage and hair).

FAQs About Lifetime Membership Cost:

  1. Does LifeTime offer short-term memberships?

No set short-term packages, but you can cancel at any time after 30 days. So join month-to-month.

  1. Is there flexibility to freeze my LifeTime membership?

Yes! You can freeze for 1-3 months per year at a $15 freeze fee each time.

  1. Do all LifeTime locations have the same equipment?

Most have very similar top-quality gear. Slight variations in specialty equipment between gyms.

  1. Is a family membership for couples and kids only?

No – you can add siblings, grandparents, etc on family plans also!

  1. Can I use LifeTime Fitness nationwide?

Multi-state memberships allow access to all US locations. Expect fees around $10/month higher for this top tier.

  1. Is there a membership signup fee?

No – LifeTime has currently waived all initiation and signup fees.

  1. Are group fitness classes included for free?

Yes! All regular group classes are included with basic membership. No need to pay extra.

  1. Does LifeTime offer any senior discounts?

Unfortunately no – standard rates apply at each tier regardless of age brackets.

  1. Can I get a free trial to try the gym first?

Yes, LifeTime gyms offer 1 to 7-day free passes to try the facilities before joining.

  1. Are there repayment options if I can’t afford the fees for one month?

Yes, contact Member Services if ever struggling to pay dues. They can discuss options or freeze your access if needed.

Summary: How much is Lifetime Fitness?

In summary, LifeTime Fitness demands premium pricing due to unrivaled luxury facilities and service quality. But members find the monthly outlay well worth it for 24/7 access to amenities more like a country club than your average gym.

Monthly fees span approximately $72 to $219 for individuals. Couples pay from $122 to $369 per month. Families get rates starting around $142 to $499 monthly for 2 adults and kids. Yearly prepaid memberships offer the biggest savings.

While higher than average gyms, costs are still affordable considering the first-class experience. From state-of-the-art equipment and indoor/outdoor pools to free group fitness and generous member perks, the premium pricing brings premium rewards across 150 locations nationwide.

For a taste of luxury now and then – or every day – when working out, LifeTime Fitness deserves its esteemed reputation as America’s premier fitness destination.

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