eSporta Membership Cost + Monthly Prices 2024

In 2024, getting fit at Esporta Fitness comes at a competitive price point. Monthly membership rates currently span approximately $9.99 to $29.99 per month, allowing budget-conscious gym-goers flexible options.

The chain aims to make comprehensive fitness welcoming through specialized tiers like the $9.99 Single Club Access for one location, all the way up to Multi-State Multi-Club at $29.99 monthly for nationwide access.

Certain memberships require additional fees like a $99 initiation or a $53 annual charge to unlock perks like multi-location privileges. Students, seniors, and the military can also take advantage of discounted rates to save 10-20% on already reasonable base pricing.

And for those not ready to fully commit, $15-25 Day Passes allow dipping your toes in while guest passes grant sharing trial experiences with friends.

In summary, Esporta memberships balance affordability with variety, cementing their positioning as a wallet-friendly fitness chain with broad appeal in 2024. Even those just looking to drop in for a class can expect rates of only $15-25 per session. Ultimately, flexible memberships, multi-tiered pricing, and special deals keep Esporta within reach.

eSporta Membership Cost 2024

eSporta Membership Cost

Highlights of Esporta Fitness Gyms:

  • Cardio equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes
  • Strength training stations with free weights, resistance machines, and functional gear
  • Group fitness classes including spin, Zumba, yoga, Pilates, and more
  • Personal training packages available
  • On-site childcare at some locations
  • Additional amenities like pools, saunas, and juice bars

New members can try out the gyms with a free 3-day guest pass. Hours tend to run early morning to late evening for convenience. With clubs scattered nationwide, Esporta aims to make comprehensive fitness accessible.

eSporta Fitness Prices 2024

So what will an Esporta Fitness membership cost you? Pricing runs from around $9.99 to $29.99 monthly, depending on location, membership level, and amenities. Initiation fees average about $99, while some clubs charge annual fees around $53.

Table 1: Esporta Fitness Membership Pricing

Membership Type Monthly Fee Initiation Fee Annual Fee
Single Club Access $9.99 $99 None
Single State Multi-Club Access $25.99 None $53/person
Multi-State Multi-Club Access $29.99 None $53/person
  • Promotions frequently offer waived or reduced fees, especially around New Years and summer
  • Special discount rates available for students, seniors, military personnel
  • Cancellation fees from $0 to $50 apply depending on contract terms

Single/Drop-In Class Price

To take a single class or drop-in session at Esporta Fitness, expect to pay between $15 to $25 per class. First-timers may get a discounted rate or even a free trial class at some locations.

Guest fees of $10-20 may apply for non-members on top of the class pricing. Compare costs and policies across clubs for the best deals.

Esporta Fitness Membership Cost 2024

Let’s break down the ins and outs of Esporta Fitness membership options and associated fees:

Single Club Access Membership

  • Entry-level membership with access to just 1 Esporta Fitness location
  • Monthly Fee: Around $9.99
  • Initiation Fee: $99
  • Best for those focused on a single gym location

Single State Multi-Club Access Membership

  • Access Esporta Fitness clubs within your state
  • Monthly Fee: Approximately $25.99
  • Initiation Fee: None
  • Plus Annual Fee: $53 per member
  • Move between in-state gyms freely

Multi-State Multi-Club Access Membership

  • Nationwide access to all Esporta Fitness gyms
  • Monthly Fee: About $29.99
  • No initiation fee
  • Plus yearly $53 per member annual fee
  • Ideal for frequent travelers

Online Membership

  • Virtual access to Esporta’s online class library
  • Monthly Fee: $29.99 (1 state) to $39 (nationwide)
  • No initiation fee
  • Sweat on your schedule from home

Discounted Rates

  • 10-20% off for students, seniors, military
  • Potentially waived or reduced initiation fees

Exact costs vary – confirm with your local gym for specifics.

Additional Services & Special Offerings Prices

Expand your fitness journey with Esporta’s extra services:

  • Personal Training: $30+ per session
  • Group Classes: Often included with membership
  • Childcare: Approximately $5-10 per child per visit
  • Nutrition Counseling: Starts around $30 per session
  • Pools/Saunas: Sometimes free or charges may apply
  • Retail Discounts: Available in on-site stores

Offerings and pricing consistency vary across locations. Verify specifics with your gym.

Day Pass, Guest Pass Pricing, and Free Pass

Not ready for a full commitment? Esporta offers flexible alternatives:

Day Pass

  • Approx .$15-25 for gym access for one day
  • Test out the equipment and overall vibe

Guest Pass

  • Purchase guest passes for ~$20 per visit
  • Share your gym perks with friends

Free 3-Day Guest Pass

  • Score a free multi-day pass as a first-timer
  • Bring a valid ID and accompanying member

Pricing particulars differ between clubs – call ahead for accurate numbers.

Esporta Fitness Prices List 2024

Membership Initiation Fee Monthly Fee Cancellation Fee Annual Fee Other Fees
Single Club Access $99 $9.99 $0 N/A N/A
Single State Multi-Club $0 $25.99 $0 $53 per person N/A
Multi State Multi-Club $0 $29.99 $0 $53 per person N/A
Online Only $0 $29.99-$39 N/A N/A N/A
Day/Guest Pass N/A N/A N/A N/A ~$15-25 per visit

Esporta Fitness Prices Compared to Other Gym Brands

So how does Esporta stack up cost-wise against rival national gym chains? Here’s an overview:

Esporta Fitness vs. LA Fitness

  • Both are in the low to mid-price range
  • LA Fitness monthly fees are often slightly higher at $35-50
  • Similar initiation fees of around $100
  • Esporta offers comparable amenities for possibly less

Esporta Fitness vs. Planet Fitness

  • Planet Fitness reigns supreme for budget pricing
  • Just $10 monthly, initiation as low as $1
  • Esporta charges slightly more but also has more extensive features

Esporta Fitness vs. EOS Fitness

  • EOS monthly fees from $20-40
  • Initiation specials from $5
  • Slightly pricier overall than Esporta
  • But Esporta likely provides a wider service range

Esporta Fitness vs. Crunch Fitness

  • Crunch Fitness monthly rates start at ~$25
  • Fewer amenity offerings than Esporta
  • Similar initiation fees of around $100
  • Esporta offers more value for comparable cost

Esporta Fitness vs. 24 Hour Fitness

  • 24-hour charges $30-50 Monthly
  • Requires longer contracts
  • Similar initiation fees
  • Esporta provides flexible contracts, lower monthly rates

Esporta Fitness Workout and Service Options

Beyond standard gym equipment, here are the workout and service options available at Esporta Fitness:

Cardio and Strength Equipment

  • Treadmills, bikes, ellipticals
  • Free weights, resistance machines
  • Kettlebells, TRX bands, etc.

Group Fitness Classes

  • Spin, Zumba, yoga, Pilates
  • Most included with membership

Personal Training

  • One-on-one training with certified professionals
  • $30+ per session based on trainer/package

Childcare Services

  • On-site childcare while you workout
  • Approximately $5-10 per child per visit

Nutritional Counseling

  • Dietary guidance
  • Sessions from $30

Additional Amenities

  • Potential for pools, saunas, juice bars
  • Offerings vary by location

Overall, comprehensive options for cardio, strength, classes, and more to meet diverse fitness needs.

Are LA Fitness and Esporta Fitness the Same?

Yes, Esporta Fitness is a subsidiary of LA Fitness, launched as a rebranding effort to appeal to a distinct market segment with refreshed branding. So while they share company ownership, they operate under different gym names.

Using an Esporta Membership at LA Fitness

  • If you have a multi-state or multi-club Esporta membership, you can likely access LA Fitness locations too
  • But access depends on membership level and individual gym policies
  • Always best to check with both gym chains directly before attempting to switch between them

Can You Freeze Your Esporta Fitness Membership?

Need to press pause on your Esporta membership? No sweat, you have options to freeze it for a fee:

  • For full term prepaid memberships:
    • Freeze for up to 6 months
    • Fee of $35
  • For recurring payments:
    • Pause indefinitely
    • $5 per billing cycle charged

What Happens When You Freeze?

Your membership expiration extends by the length of your freeze so you don’t lose any paid duration.

Steps to Freeze

  1. Visit
  2. Click “My City Sports Club”
  3. Log into your account
  4. Select the “Freeze” option
  5. Complete required freeze actions and payments

Specific logistics vary – verify the process with your gym directly before freezing.

How to Change Your Esporta Billing Information?

Updating billing details for your Esporta membership is quick and easy online. Alternatively, you can mail payments to:

  • PO Box 51355
    Irvine, CA 92619

Be sure to include:

  • Your member barcode
  • Avoid mailing cash

Timing Your Updates

If it’s 3-5 days before your next bill date and billing has already begun, changes apply to the following cycle, not the upcoming charge. Plan accordingly.

How to Cancel Your Esporta Membership?

After submitting your Esporta cancellation, you maintain gym access until the end of the last month covered by your final prepaid dues. Once that last monthly billing passes, your membership turns inactive.

For one-on-one help closing out Personal Training or Paid In Full memberships, consult your specific gym directly.

Cancellation Policy Specifics

If still under an initial contract term when canceling, termination goes into effect once that obligated duration concludes. Members on recurring payments without defined contracts can cancel by submitting an online cancellation form.

Steps to Cancel Esporta Membership

  1. Log into your Esporta account
  2. Click “Account Information”
  3. Locate and complete the “Cancellation Form”
  4. Alternatively, mail a written cancellation notice to: PO Box 54170, Irvine, CA 92619-4170

Verify cancellation protocols with your gym before submitting.


Have more questions about Esporta Fitness costs and policies? Here are answers to 10 frequently asked questions:

Do all Esporta Fitness gyms have the same pricing?

  • No, membership rates can vary slightly between individual locations. Always verify with your specific gym.

Does Esporta offer any free trial or complimentary passes?

  • Yes, first-time visitors can often request a free 3-day pass to try the gym.

What is the most budget Esporta Fitness membership option?

  • The Single Club Access at one gym location runs just $9.99 monthly.

Can I use my Esporta Fitness membership internationally or at non-Esporta gym chains?

  • Unfortunately, no – Esporta memberships only grant you access within the Esporta (or LA Fitness) networks domestically.

What is an annual maintenance fee?

  • Some Esporta locations charge members an annual fee, generally around $53 per person, on top of the monthly dues to maintain facilities.

Are initiation fees refundable if I cancel soon after joining?

  • Typically, no – initiation and enrollment fees are non-refundable, even for quick cancellations.

Can I put my membership on hold if injured or pregnant?

Yes, Esporta allows you to freeze accounts for $35 (paid in full-term) or $5 per billing cycle (recurring payments).

What is the minimum age to join Esporta independently?

  • You generally must be at least 18 years old to purchase your membership. Exceptions exist at some locations for teens 16-17 with parental consent.

Can I pay and manage my Esporta membership completely online?

  • Yes, Esporta offers online account management, payments, class booking, membership freezes/cancellations, and more for total digital convenience.

If my location closes abruptly, will I get a membership fee refund?

Yes, in the event of sudden permanent closures, Esporta provides account credit refunds for any unused paid term.

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Conclusion: How Much Does Esporta Fitness Cost?

In summary, Esporta Fitness membership rates fall approximately $9.99-$29.99 per month. Additional fees like initiation of around $99 or annual charges of about $53 sometimes apply. Members gain access to comprehensive equipment, classes, training, and more.

Costs align reasonably with competitor brands for the broad offerings available.

Ultimately, flexible membership plans cater to diverse needs and budgets. Special student/military pricing also improves accessibility. Before committing, leverage promo deals, free guest passes, and facility tours.

This allows determine if Esporta’s extensive amenities provide value matching your fitness priorities and payment comfort.

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