EOS Fitness Membership Cost 2024 + Monthly Prices

Heading to the gym but not sure what to expect from EOS Fitness prices and memberships. You’ve come to the right place! This in-depth guide will give you the full breakdown of everything EOS Fitness, from costs and amenities to how it compares to other popular gym chains.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned gym-goer, understanding the ins and outs of gym pricing can be confusing.

EOS Fitness Membership Cost 2024

EOS Fitness Membership Cost

With this comprehensive article, you’ll go into your fitness journey armed with all the details on EOS Fitness pricing and memberships.

An Overview of EOS Fitness Membership Cost

Let’s start by looking at the big picture when it comes to EOS Fitness membership prices:

  • Monthly fees typically range from $9.99 to $19.99 per month, depending on location and membership tier.
  • There is also an annual membership fee of $49.99 charged about a month after signup and yearly after that.
  • Single class/day passes are available for non-members, usually $10-$20 per visit.
  • Membership tiers offer different levels of access, amenities, and perks.
  • Things like personal training, classes, and spa services cost extra.

Now let’s break it down in more detail!

EOS Fitness Membership Cost 2024

When signing up for EOS Fitness, you’ll choose between a few different membership tiers.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Basic Membership

This is the most affordable tier, starting as low as $9.99 per month at many locations. It gives you access to basic workout facilities like:

  • Cardio equipment
  • Strength training equipment
  • Some group fitness classes

The basic membership is ideal for those looking for an affordable way to get fit without fancy frills.

  • Mid-Tier Membership

The mid-tier membership, sometimes called Platinum or Blue, offers more amenities and perks. Pricing starts at around $15.99 per month at many EOS gyms. With this tier you typically get:

  • Everything in the basic membership
  • More group fitness classes
  • Access to some premium amenities like saunas
  • Occasional guest passes

This is a nice middle-ground for people who want more than just the basics.

  • Premium Membership

This top-tier membership, often called Platinum+ or Black, gives you full access to everything the gym offers. Pricing starts at around $19.99 per month at many locations. The premium membership generally includes:

  • Full access to all amenities and classes
  • Unlimited guest passes
  • Access to luxury options like pools
  • Discounts on services like massage and personal training

This membership is ideal for those who want to take full advantage of everything EOS Fitness has to offer.

Prices and amenities may vary by location – check with your local gym for specifics.

  • Annual Membership Fee

On top of the monthly membership costs, EOS Fitness charges an annual fee of $49.99. This is billed about 1 month after signup and yearly after that.

The annual fee helps cover improving and updating gym amenities and services. So you’re essentially investing back into your membership perks!

EOS Fitness Single Class and Day Pass Prices

If you want to try out an EOS Fitness location before committing to a membership, you can pay for single classes or day passes.

  • Single classes usually cost $10 – $20 per class, depending on location.
  • Day passes for full gym access run around $10 – $20 for one day.

These single-use options let you get a feel for the gym before becoming a member. Temporary promotions may also offer free single-day passes – so keep an eye out!

How does EOS Fitness Membership compare to Other Gyms?

Let’s see how EOS Fitness stacks up cost-wise against some other popular gym chains:

Gym Monthly Membership Starting Price
EOS Fitness $9.99
24 Hour Fitness $30-$40
LA Fitness $30-$35
VASA Fitness $9.99
Crunch Fitness $10
Esporta Fitness $29.99
Anytime Fitness $35-$50

As you can see, EOS Fitness is very competitively priced, offering memberships starting under $10/month. It matches up closely with VASA Fitness for affordability.

24-Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, Esporta Fitness, and Anytime Fitness tend to be more expensive on average. However, they may offer different amenities that could make the extra cost worthwhile for some gym-goers.

Add-On EOS Fitness Services and Prices

In addition to basic gym access, EOS Fitness offers various extra services for an additional fee:

  • Personal training packages tend to range from $50 – $100 per session, depending on trainer’s experience and session length.
  • Spa services like massage start around $10 – $20 per service or may be included if you have a premium membership.
  • Childcare is available on-site at some locations and typically costs $5 – $10 per child per visit. Discounted childcare monthly packages may be offered.
  • Specialty classes like yoga, pilates, martial arts, or cycling often cost $10 – $20 per class depending on location.

Bundling these services into your membership or buying larger packages can help you save some money on the add-ons!

Freezing, Pausing, or Canceling Your EOS Fitness Membership

Need to take a break from the gym?

Here are some key things to know about modifying your EOS Fitness membership:

  • You can freeze (temporarily suspend) your membership, usually for a $5 monthly fee. Freezes often last 1-3 months.
  • Cancelling requires 30 days written notice. Some locations charge a $15 cancellation fee.
  • If canceling, you’ll need to contact your home gym directly and can’t do it online.
  • Specific freeze, pause, and cancellation terms depend on your membership agreement.
  • Check with your location for complete details on their policies.

Being able to freeze is convenient if you need to press pause on your fitness routine for a bit without canceling entirely.

Top Gym Alternatives to EOS Fitness

If EOS Fitness doesn’t seem like the right fit, here are 5 great alternative gyms worth considering:

Gym Monthly Price Key Perks
Planet Fitness $10 Judgement-free zone, tons of equipment, open 24/7
Crunch Fitness $15-$35 Unique group fitness classes like Zumba, inclusive vibe
LA Fitness $30-$50 Upscale amenities, pools, saunas, basketball courts
Anytime Fitness $55-$65 24/7 access, personal training options, intimate setting
Life Time Fitness $60-$150+ Luxury experience, pools, cafe, family amenities

This table summarizes pricing and key advantages of top competitors to help you find your perfect gym match!

EOS Fitness Memberships: FAQs

Still, have some questions about EOS Fitness memberships. Here are answers to the top 10 most frequently asked questions:

  • Q1: How much does an EOS Fitness membership cost?

Prices range from $9.99/month for basic access up to $19.99/month for premium access. There is also a $49.99 annual fee.

  • Q2: What is included in each EOS Fitness membership tier?

Basic gets you access to cardio and strength equipment. Mid-tier adds more classes and some amenities. Premium gets you full access with perks like unlimited guests.

  • Q3: Can I freeze my EOS Fitness membership?

Yes, you can temporarily freeze for a $5 monthly fee. Freezes usually last 1-3 months. Check with your location for specific policies.

  • Q4: What are some reasons to choose EOS Fitness over competitors?

EOS tends to be more budget-friendly. They offer premium amenities and classes that rival more expensive gyms. Open 24/7 at most locations.

  • Q5: Does every EOS Fitness location have a pool?

No, pool access depends on location. Check with your local gym to see the amenities offered.

  • Q6: Can I bring a guest to EOS Fitness?

Guest access depends on the membership tier. Premium memberships tend to include unlimited guest passes.

  • Q7: Is EOS Fitness good for seniors?

Yes, low-impact classes and strength training options make it senior-friendly. Staff can provide modified workout recommendations.

  • Q8: Does EOS Fitness offer any discounts?

Yes, discounts may be offered for military, students, medical professionals, or corporate employees. Promotions sometimes waive enrollment fees.

  • Q9: What age do you need to be to join EOS Fitness?

You must be at least 18 to join on your own. 13-17 year olds can join with a parent/guardian co-signed. Under 13 typically can’t use gym facilities.

  • Q10: How do I cancel my EOS Fitness membership?

Cancelling requires written notice 30 days in advance. You’ll need to contact your home gym directly to cancel – it can’t be done online.

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Get the Most Out of Your EOS Fitness Membership

Ready to start working on your fitness goals with EOS?

Here are some tips to maximize your membership:

  • Take advantage of group classes to switch up your routine.
  • Enlist some personal training sessions to perfect your technique.
  • Grab a pal and put those guest passes to use!
  • Explore all your gym’s amenities – you’re paying for them after all.
  • Consider upgrading your membership if you find yourself wanting more perks.
  • Don’t forget to freeze if you need a break from the gym temporarily.
  • Make sure you know the cancellation policy in case you ever decide to switch gyms.

Now you’ve got a complete guide to EOS Fitness pricing, amenities, and membership options! Find the plan that suits your budget and fitness needs. Swing by your local EOS to take a tour and get started on your health goals.

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