LA Fitness Prices & Membership Cost 2024

With over 700 locations across the United States and Canada, LA Fitness is one of the most popular gym chains on the continent. From state-of-the-art equipment to group fitness classes and amenities like pools and basketball courts, LA Fitness aims to provide a complete fitness experience at an affordable price.

When considering a gym membership, pricing is often the most important factor for many people. The good news is that LA Fitness offers competitive pricing, flexible membership options, and ongoing discounts and deals.

This guide will break down everything you need to know about LA Fitness prices, including costs for individual and family memberships, personal training, membership add-ons, and more.

We’ll also discuss cancellation policies, membership freezes, initiation fees, and additional ways to save money at LA Fitness.

LA Fitness Prices & Membership Cost 2024

LA Fitness Prices

LA Fitness offers single club memberships for access to one location as well as nationwide memberships that grant access to any gym locations across the United States and Canada.

They have multiple pricing tiers, making it easy to find the right fit based on your budget and needs.

Here is an overview of LA Fitness pricing for different membership types:

Single Club Membership

  • Initiation Fee: $0
  • Monthly Fee: $29.95

This gets you into one club location of your choosing.

Multi Club/Nationwide Membership

Membership Option Initiation Fee Monthly Fee
Option A $99 $29.95
Option B $49 $34.95
Option C $0 $39.55
  • The nationwide membership allows access to all LA Fitness locations across the US and Canada. There are three pricing options as shown.
  • Additional Member Fee: $25 initiation fee + $29.95 monthly fee per additional member.

This allows you to add family members or friends to your membership at discounted rates.

So how much does an LA Fitness membership cost? The baseline single club membership starts at just $29.95 per month with no enrollment fee.

Even their nationwide memberships with access to all clubs can be had for as little as $29.95 monthly with Option A or Option B.

How Much is LA Fitness Family Membership? [LA Fitness Prices 2024]

Adding additional family members to an existing LA Fitness membership costs only $24.99 per month per added member after a one-time $25 initiation fee. This makes it very affordable for families to work together. An LA Fitness family membership can include up to 3 total adults.

  • LA Fitness Personal Trainer Cost

Working one-on-one with an LA Fitness personal trainer typically costs around $50 per hour on average. Prices can vary based on the experience level and specialty of the trainer, how many sessions you purchase, and other factors. Contact your local club for details on personal training rates.

  • LA Fitness Membership Cost for Seniors

LA Fitness does not currently offer senior citizen membership discounts. Seniors pay the same rates as standard adult members based on the type of membership selected. However, it can’t hurt to ask an LA Fitness membership rep about any senior discounts or specials they may be running.

  • LA Fitness Membership Costco

Costco members can save 20% to 50% off standard pricing when purchasing an LA Fitness membership. The exact discount amount varies, so check for the latest LA Fitness Costco deals online or at your local warehouse. This membership can be used at any LA Fitness location just like a regular gym membership.

Can I Add Someone to My LA Fitness Membership?

Yes, LA Fitness allows you to add additional members to your existing membership. As outlined above, there is a one-time $25 initiation fee and $29.95 in monthly dues per added member. This makes it very convenient and affordable to work with family or friends at LA Fitness gyms.

LA Fitness Cost Per Month

  • Single club: $29.95 per month
  • Nationwide membership: $29.95 to $39.55 per month

The exact monthly cost depends on which membership type and payment option you select from those outlined earlier. Taxes may also apply to increase the final monthly payment amount slightly.

LA Fitness Deals & Discounts

Aside from the standard membership rates, LA Fitness offers several ways to save, including:

  • Discounted add-on membership rates for additional family members or friends.
  • Up to 50% off for Costco members.
  • Special discounted enrollment offers which vary by location – inquire at your local club.
  • Occasional limited time promotions, especially around the holidays.

It never hurts to ask about current membership specials and enrollment discounts when you visit an LA Fitness location. Signing up with a friend can also lower your costs due to their discounted add-on membership pricing.

Can I Go to Any LA Fitness with My Membership?

  • Single club membership – Gives access only to your designated home gym location
  • Nationwide membership – Grants access to ALL LA Fitness club locations across the US/Canada

So with a nationwide membership, you can use any LA Fitness gym. Just bring your membership card and ID.

Can I Freeze My LA Fitness Membership?

Freezing an LA Fitness membership is allowed in certain circumstances, such as illness, injury, or long-term travel. To place your membership on freeze status, log into your account or visit your home location to fill out cancellation/freeze paperwork.

  • Typically costs $10 per month to keep membership frozen
  • Can also freeze for 6 months for a $35 fee

Freezing the membership maintains your existing status and rates for when you eventually come back.

How Much Does It Cost to Cancel LA Fitness Membership?

Canceling an LA Fitness membership is free in most cases. However, there may be certain exceptions depending on your contract and home gym location. Contact a membership advisor for specifics on canceling your membership without penalty.

Is It Hard to Cancel your LA Fitness Membership?

Cancelling can involve some effort since most locations have a membership cancellation notice period. You’ll typically need to inform them 15 days ahead of your next billing cycle for cancellation to be fully processed in their systems without being charged again.

If you miss that notice window, your credit card or bank account on file may be charged again, forcing you to pay for an additional month.

Avoid headaches by submitting forms and providing proper notice well in advance within cancellation policy guidelines. Checking in with a membership advisor is smart before attempting to cancel.

LA Fitness Initiation Fee 2024

  • Single club membership – $0 initiation fee
  • Nationwide membership
    • Option A – $99 initiation fee
    • Option B – $49 initiation fee
    • Option C – $0 initiation fee

As you can see, the initiation fee varies based on which nationwide membership option you select upon signup. Options A and B charge upfront fees in exchange for lower monthly payments.

Talk to a membership rep about which makes the most financial sense for your budget and fitness goals before joining.

FAQs on LA Fitness Membership:

  • Can I pay month-to-month at LA Fitness without a contract?

Yes, LA Fitness offers month-to-month membership options without requiring a long-term contract. Keep in mind that monthly fees may be slightly higher.

  • What age is required to get an LA Fitness membership?

You must be at least 16 years old with a valid photo ID to purchase an individual LA Fitness membership. Those under 18 will need a parent or guardian to sign.

  • If I switch LA Fitness clubs, will my rates change?

No, your monthly membership rate will remain the same if you change your designated home club location as long as you stay within the same membership type. Inform them to process a home club transfer.

  • What is the best way to cancel by the first of the month?

To avoid getting charged again on the 1st, submit cancellation paperwork online or in person by the 15th of the current month to give enough notice to process.

  • Can my company pay for my LA Fitness membership?

Yes, companies can arrange for corporate wellness memberships as part of employee benefits programs. Ask your HR department or membership rep for details.

  • Does LA Fitness offer guest passes?

You may be able to purchase single-day guest passes depending on your membership type and home club policies. Availability may be limited.

  • Can I pause just for the summer if I travel a lot?

Yes, you can easily freeze your LA Fitness membership over the summer if you’ll be away a lot. It costs as low as $10 per month while frozen.

  • Where can I get LA Fitness coupons?

Check online coupon sites or talk to a membership rep about any current discounts for signing up at your local branch. New member promotions vary.

  • Is there an annual fee for LA Fitness?

LA Fitness does not charge recurring annual fees. One-time initiation fees apply only to select nationwide membership packages upon signup.

  • What is the cancellation policy if moving away?

As long as you provide proper notice in line with your location’s cancellation policy guidelines before moving, you can cancel with no penalties.

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In Conclusion

With flexible membership tiers and fees starting at just $29.95 per month, LA Fitness offers an affordable way for you and even your whole family to access tons of gym facilities and group fitness classes.

Perks like nationwide access, low-cost membership freezes, and discounts for adding friends make it easy to manage your membership over time as your needs change.

Connect with an LA Fitness membership advisor at your local gym to learn about available discounts and current rates tailored to your area.

If you take advantage of reduced initiation promotions and membership add-on rates, joining LA Fitness can provide serious value for your fitness journey.

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