Club Pilates Prices List 2024: Club Pilates Membership Cost?

Club Pilates is a popular Pilates studio chain with over 600 locations across the US. It offers group classes, private sessions, and semi-private training led by certified instructors.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of Club Pilates pricing for 2024, including costs for single classes, memberships, class packages, and more.

Club Pilates Prices List 2024

Club Pilates Prices List

Introduction to Club Pilates

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Irvine, California, Club Pilates is owned by Xponential Fitness. It has grown rapidly into a leading Pilates franchise with studios designed to make Pilates accessible to everyone.

Club Pilates studios feature state-of-the-art reformers and equipment. Classes are handled by trained instructors who have completed a 500-hour teacher training program. Each workout incorporates the entire body, focusing on building core strength, flexibility, and balance through fluid movements.

Here are some key things to know about Club Pilates:

  • Over 600 locations in the United States and continuing to expand
  • Group classes as well as private and semi-private sessions
  • All levels welcome, from beginners to advanced
  • Certified instructors who undergo rigorous education
  • Modern studios outfitted with the latest equipment
  • 50-minute group classes offered 7 days a week
  • Convenient class scheduling via mobile app or online

Now let’s look at the pricing and costs associated with Club Pilates.

Club Pilates Prices List 2024

Club Pilates offers single classes on a drop-in basis, monthly memberships, and multi-class packages. Pricing can vary depending on location, promotions, and membership level. On average, expect to pay the following:

  • Single Class: $30 to $35
  • Monthly Membership: $100 to $300
  • Class Packages: $80 to $500

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Memberships come with different numbers of monthly classes, training benefits, and more. Class packages allow you to pre-purchase sessions at a discounted rate.

A Single Class Pricing at Club Pilates

For those looking to test out Club Pilates, you can buy single sessions. The average drop-in rate is $30 to $35 per 60-minute class. Prices may differ between locations and during special promotions. This offers a flexible way to take Pilates classes without a membership.

Club Pilates Membership Cost

Club Pilates provides monthly memberships that auto-renew. The cost varies based primarily on the location and number of classes included per month. Memberships may range from:

  • 4 Classes Per Month: $100 to $150
  • 8 Classes Per Month: $150 to $200
  • Unlimited Classes: $199 to $300

There are also special membership tiers in some Club Pilates studios:

  • Elite Membership: $200 to $350 per month
  • Premier Membership: $250 to $400 per month

These offer extra perks like unlimited guests, priority booking, free access to specialty classes, and 10% discounts on retail items.

All Monthly Club Pilates Memberships Types Cost

Here’s an overview of the different Club Pilates monthly membership costs:

Membership Type Typical Starting Cost
Basic (4-8 classes) $100 to $200
Unlimited $150 to $250
Elite $200 to $300
Premier $250 to $350

The exact membership pricing varies by location. Contact your studio for details.

Prices for Club Pilates Class Packages

Along with unlimited memberships, Club Pilates offers class packs at discounted rates. These provide a set number of classes to use within a specific timeframe. Prices typically start at:

  • 4 Classes: $80 to $100
  • 8 Classes: $140 to $160
  • 10 Classes: $200 to $240
  • 20 Classes: $380 to $480
  • 30 Classes: $540 to $690

Class packs allow you to divide the total cost by the number of sessions for the average price paid per class. This brings down the per-class drop-in rate for packages.

For example, a 10 class pack for $220 equals $22 per class on average compared to the $30+ regular drop-in rate.

Club Pilates Prices List

Here is an at-a-glance look at Club Pilates costs:

Club Pilates Pricing
Single Class Drop-In $30 to $35
Monthly Memberships
Basic $100 to $200
Unlimited $150 to $250
Elite $200 to $300
Premier $250 to $350
Class Packages
4 Classes $80 to $100
8 Classes $140 to $160
10 Classes $200 to $240
20 Classes $380 to $480
30 Classes $540 to $690

Specific prices vary by location. Contact your local Club Pilates for details.

Prices for All Club Pilates Class Types

Club Pilates offers diverse class types to suit different goals and experience levels. Popular class styles include:

  • Club Pilates Classic
  • Cardio Sculpt
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Barre Fusion
  • Strength Training

Most class types are included with monthly memberships. Drop-in rates typically start around $30 per single class.

Some specialty classes like pre/post-natal Pilates may cost extra. Class availability also varies by studio location and schedule. Check with your local Club Pilates for the classes offered and precise pricing.

Club Pilates Deals and Discounts

Club Pilates provides exclusive discounts for certain groups:

  • Students: 10% off drop-in classes and memberships
  • Seniors (60+): 10% off drop-in classes and memberships
  • Teachers: 10% off unlimited memberships
  • Medical Professionals: 10% Hero Discount on unlimited memberships
  • First Responders: 10% Hero Discount on unlimited memberships
  • Military: 10% Hero Discount on unlimited memberships

Discounts for students, teachers, seniors, and heroes may vary by location. Other periodic promotions may also be offered.

Contact your nearest Club Pilates studio for details on available deals, eligibility requirements, and discounts in your area. Signing up for email newsletters can help you stay updated on the latest offers too.

Prices for Club Pilates Location Near Me

With over 600 locations across the country, there’s likely a Club Pilates studio near you. Use the Club Pilates studio locator map to find all locations around your area.

You can also view specific pricing details for your local studio. Expect costs to be similar to the national averages listed earlier. Pricing may be influenced by factors like city population, studio operating expenses, and competition.

Suburban and rural locations may have lower pricing compared to major metro areas. Reach out to your nearby Club Pilates directly for the most accurate membership costs and class schedule.

FAQs About Club Pilates Pricing and Memberships:

Here are answers to 10 frequently asked questions about Club Pilates price details:

  • 1. Does it cost money to take a first class at Club Pilates?

Most locations offer one free introductory class so new students can test it out. After the first free class, regular single class drop-in rates apply.

  • 2. How much does a monthly membership cost at Club Pilates?

Monthly memberships start from $100 to $300 depending on the included class allowance and membership level. Elite and Premier tiers with more perks are priced higher.

  • 3. What’s included in unlimited Club Pilates memberships?

Unlimited members cover all regular Club Pilates classes. Some specialty workshops or private sessions may cost extra. Check with your studio for specifics.

  • 4. What forms of payment does Club Pilates accept?

Club Pilates accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Some locations may accept cash or checks as well.

  • 5. Can I take Club Pilates classes without a membership?

Yes, you can take classes by purchasing single session drop-ins for around $30+ per class instead of a monthly membership. Multi-class packages are another non-membership option.

  • 6. How much do 5 and 10 class packs cost at Club Pilates?

On average, a 5 class pack costs $140 to $170 and a 10 class pack costs around $200 to $250. But prices are subject to location – check with your studio.

  • 7. Does Club Pilates offer any discounts for group or corporate memberships?

Some locations provide corporate membership rates. Reach out to your local studio pricing team for details on corporate and group discounts.

  • 8. Can I use Club Pilates membership at any location?

Memberships are normally limited to your home studio only. Some areas may offer reciprocity or credits for visiting other clubs. Check with your studio.

  • 9. Is there an initiation fee for Club Pilates membership?

Club Pilates does not charge any enrollment fees or initiation costs to purchase memberships or packages. You only pay the ongoing monthly fees.

  • 10. How do Club Pilates memberships work?

Memberships auto-renew monthly until you cancel. You can pause or cancel anytime with proper written notice to your studio (typically 30 days).

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Club Pilates aims to make Pilates welcoming for all fitness backgrounds and budgets. It offers everything from drop-in classes to unlimited memberships, with costs starting at around $30 per class and $100 monthly.

Exact Club Pilates pricing varies among locations but expect single classes to run $30 to $35 and monthly memberships from $100 up to $300 depending on membership tier.

Multi-class packages provide additional cost savings for as low as $22 per session.

Special discounts are also given to students, seniors, teachers, healthcare workers, the military, and more. Reach out to your nearest location for specifics regarding membership rates, classes on offer, and any current deals in your area.

Club Pilates continues expanding across America, so chances are there’s a studio conveniently close by.

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