HOTWORX Prices 2024: Membership Cost & Prices List

HOTWORX is revolutionizing the fitness industry with its infrared sauna workouts that combine heat therapy and exercise for maximum health and wellness benefits.

This specialized gym experience may have you wondering—how much does a HOTWORX membership cost?

HOTWORX Pricing 2024: Membership Cost & Prices List


This comprehensive guide will walk you through HOTWORX pricing, membership options, class types, and more in 2023, so you can determine if this innovative workout method is the right fit for your fitness journey.

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Introduction to HOTWORX

HOTWORX is a fitness studio that offers 24-hour access to virtually instructed infrared sauna workouts. Founder Steve Smith first introduced the concept in 2014 with a patented infrared fitness sauna. By 2017, he opened the first HOTWORX location and has since grown the brand to over 200 studios across the United States.

This rapid expansion speaks to the immense interest surrounding HOTWORX’s claims to help users:

  • Burn more calories
  • Detoxify their bodies
  • Speed up muscle recovery
  • Gain flexibility
  • Improve cardiovascular health

The crux of HOTWORX’s success lies in its 3D Training methodology that combines heat, infrared energy, and exercise. Workouts take place inside special infrared saunas that enhance the exercise experience by raising the body’s core temperature.

Members can choose 15-30 30-minute virtually instructed sessions that target strength, flexibility, balance, and cardio endurance. The infrared heat accelerates heart rate, perspiration, and calorie burn for faster, more effective workouts.

Now that you understand the HOTWORX difference, let’s break down the all-important membership costs and pricing options.

HOTWORX Prices and Membership Fees

HOTWORX Prices and Membership Fees

HOTWORX offers flexible membership options to accommodate different fitness needs and budgets.

Here is an overview of pricing:

  • New member initiation fee: $99
  • Drop-in/single class price: $20
  • Unlimited monthly membership: $99/month
  • Premium “VIP” membership with extra perks: $149/month
  • 3-month commitment promotional price: $59/month

HOTWORX also offers class packages at discounted rates:

  • 5 classes for $85
  • 10 classes for $160
  • 20 classes for $300

Can I try HOTWORX for free?

try HOTWORX for free


Complete the form below to request a free HOTWORX session at a studio near you!

While HOTWORX does not currently offer an official free trial or guest pass, new prospective members can request an introductory session to experience the infrared sauna workouts first-hand.

To qualify for the free session, simply fill out the request form with your basic contact information. A representative from your nearest HOTWORX location will then reach out to schedule your complimentary appointment.

During the free session, you’ll have full access to the specialized HOTWORX amenities and a 30-minute class of your choice. Whether you want to try HOT Yoga, HOT ISO, or another workout, this is the perfect risk-free way to get familiar with the facilities and training.

Experience how infrared therapy merges exercise science and heat technology for fast-acting, durable results. The free session may be just what you need to kickstart your new fitness journey!

Request your free HOTWORX visit now by filling out this brief interest form:

  • Country
  • State/Region
  • Studio
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Agree to Privacy Policy
  • Click on Submit Button

A HOTWORX representative will contact you shortly to schedule your complimentary workout. Get ready to feel the burn!

What does the HOTWORX monthly membership include?

HOTWORX monthly membership

The standard $99 per month HOTWORX membership provides unlimited access to:

  • All HOTWORX locations across the United States.
  • Virtual instructor-led classes.
  • Specialized equipment like infrared saunas and towels.
  • Resistance bands, foam rollers, yoga mats.
  • On-demand workouts via the mobile app.

With nationwide access, you can visit any HOTWORX gym while traveling without paying additional fees. This allows members to enjoy consistency in their workouts even when on the go.

The higher-tier $149 per month “VIP” membership builds upon the same unlimited access with value-added perks:

  • Discounts on retail merchandise.
  • Access to new class releases.
  • Exclusive events and challenges.
  • Prioritized studio improvements.
  • Earn “SWAG points” redeemable for prizes.

This premium membership caters to devoted brand enthusiasts who want special treatment and rewards for their loyalty.

HOTWORX Class Types and Pricing

One major benefit of the standard HOTWORX membership is access to all virtual classes, which focus on different fitness aspects. The specialty classes include:


  • High-intensity isometric strength training
  • Targets muscle building and toning
  • $20 per drop-in class

HOT Yoga

  • Heated athletic yoga
  • Focuses on strength, flexibility, balance
  • $20 per class

HOT Pilates

  • Infrared Pilates workout
  • Improves core muscles, balance
  • $20 per session

HOT Warrior

  • Advanced cardio and strength training circuit
  • Torch calories and build endurance
  • $20 per class

HOT Core

  • Intense core strengthening
  • Tighten abs and back muscles
  • $20 per workout

HOT Buns

  • Lower body toning with resistance bands
  • Target glutes, hips, thighs
  • $20 per class

HOT Bands

  • Full body resistance band training
  • Engage major muscle groups
  • $20 per session

HOT Barre None

  • Ballet, Pilates, and yoga fusion
  • All-over body conditioning
  • $20 per class

The purchase of special HOTWORX towels and equipment mats is also required, which carries an additional fee starting from $5 for rental and $50 for purchase.

Now that you know the class formats and single-session rates, let’s compare the cost savings with a membership.

HOTWORX Membership Cost Analysis

To analyze the true value of a HOTWORX membership, let’s compare monthly rates against drop-in class packages:

  • Unlimited classes with standard membership: $99/month
  • 5 classes per month at a $20 drop-in rate: $100
  • 10 classes per month at a $20 drop-in rate: $200
  • 15 classes per month at a $20 drop-in rate: $300

You would need to attend at least 5 classes per month to justify the $99 unlimited membership rate. By hitting this threshold, you unlock access to unlimited sessions rather than paying a la carte.

For devoted fitness enthusiasts who visit HOTWORX multiple times a week, the membership carries compounded savings. This makes it one of the best gym deals for people who want specialized infrared workouts.

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HOTWORX Location Near Me Prices

Video Introduction to the HOTWORX Classes:

Now let’s explore some other common questions surrounding HOTWORX memberships and pricing.


  • Does HOTWORX offer student, senior, first responder, or military discounts?

At this time, HOTWORX does not advertise any exclusive membership discounts based on demographics or occupations. However, it may be worthwhile to ask your local studio for any unpublished promotions.

As a fairly new franchise, HOTWORX is likely focusing on growth over niche incentives. But as it continues expanding, you may see more segmented offers to attract diverse age groups.

  • Can I pause or freeze my HOTWORX membership?

HOTWORX does not explicitly mention the ability to pause, freeze, or cancel memberships. As with most gym memberships, you will likely need to pay monthly dues regardless of whether you attend or skip classes.

Before committing to any long-term fitness membership, be sure to read the fine print and understand the policies around cancellation, holds, and refunds.

  • Can I bring a guest to HOTWORX for free with my membership?

At this time, HOTWORX does not allow free guest passes for members to bring friends to trial the workout classes. Only paying members can access facilities, equipment, and sessions.

However, you can add a family member to your existing membership for $30 extra per month. This allows you to enjoy unlimited HOTWORX visits together for better accountability and added savings.

The Last Degree: Key Takeaways on HOTWORX Value

HOTWORX fills an unmet fitness niche with infrared sauna workouts for accelerated results. Despite higher pricing than average gyms, the facilities, classes, and methodology carry compelling value:

  • ✔️ Specialized equipment and workout types like infrared saunas, resistance bands, virtual instructors
  • ✔️ Effective calorie burn and body conditioning through heat acceleration
  • ✔️ Speedy but comprehensive sessions packing results into 30 minutes or less
  • ✔️ Total body conditioning and muscle strengthening targeting all fitness levels

For fitness buffs frustrated with plateauing results from traditional workouts, HOTWORX provides the secret sauce to reignite progress. Get ready to feel—and see—a whole new burn!

In Conclusion: Who Wins With HOTWORX?

HOTWORX innovates beyond standard gym experiences by pairing exercise with infrared therapy for multiplied benefits. Is it worth the higher membership rates? Absolutely, for the right customer.

Devoted fitness followers will reap the greatest rewards from unlimited access to cutting-edge workout classes and detoxifying sessions. Casual trainees may find better value with single-session drop-ins or smaller class packages.

Regardless of your goals, HOTWORX delivers an unparalleled workout experience that leaves members feeling—and looking—their absolute best. Discover your fit today!

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