Planet Fitness Vs Crunch Fitness – A Real Difference Inside


Going to the gym and working out regularly is an important part of staying healthy and fit. When looking for a gym to join, Crunch Fitness and Planet Fitness are two popular options.


But what is the difference between them and which one is better suited for your needs?

Planet Fitness Vs Crunch Fitness

Planet Fitness Vs Crunch Fitness

This comprehensive guide examines all aspects of Crunch and Planet Fitness to help you make an informed decision.


What is Crunch Fitness?

Crunch Fitness is a gym franchise launched in 1989 that focuses on providing a diverse and lively workout environment. They aim to make exercise fun with:

  • Wide variety of unique fitness classes – AntiGravity yoga, BodyWeb with TRX suspension training, etc.
  • Latest fitness equipment for high-intensity and specialized workouts
  • Relaxed and supportive gym atmosphere
  • Top-notch personal trainers and coaching

Crunch caters best for those looking for dynamic and innovative workout options alongside a motivating social environment.

What is Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness, founded in 1992, brands itself as the “Judgement Free Zone” for people just starting their fitness journey. Key features include:

  • Extremely budget-friendly membership options starting at $10/month
  • Straightforward selection of basic cardio and strength equipment
  • Beginner-friendly, unintimidating atmosphere
  • Small group workout classes led by certified trainers

Planet Fitness aims to make fitness accessible to anyone without pressure, ideal for casual exercisers and first-time gym-goers.


Similarities Between Crunch and Planet Fitness

  • Both offer flexible and affordable membership options to suit different budgets
  • Well-maintained facilities and top-quality workout equipment
  • Group fitness classes are available for those preferring structure and coaching
  • Personal trainer services are available, included with membership at Planet Fitness
  • A welcoming environment for members

Main Differences Between Crunch and Planet Fitness

Parameter Crunch Fitness Planet Fitness
Membership Cost $9.95 to $25.95/month $10 to $22.99/month
Equipment Advanced machines for intense training Basic beginner-level equipment
Classes Trendy and innovative options Small group sessions led by trainers
Personal Training For additional fee Included with membership
Atmosphere Lively, pushes members to try new things Non-intimidating “Judgement Free Zone”
Locations 300+ across the U.S. 2000+ locations nationwide
Amenities Varies by location – HydroMassage, tanning, childcare HydroMassage and massage chairs (Black Card members only)

In summary – Crunch Fitness has more dynamic and intense workout offerings for seasoned gym-goers, while Planet Fitness provides an accessible starting point for casual fitness.

Crunch Fitness vs Planet Fitness: Understanding the Differences

Let’s analyze the key differences between Crunch and Planet Fitness in more detail:

  • Membership Cost

While both gyms offer monthly memberships starting from $10, Crunch goes up to $25 for premium access to all locations and amenities. Planet Fitness tops out at $22 for the same level of nationwide access and perks like guest privileges and massage chair usage.

  • Equipment

Crunch prioritizes new and functional equipment to support innovative exercise routines and classes. This includes advanced machines, free weights, suspension gear, and more. In comparison, Planet Fitness provides straightforward but quality cardio and strength basics ideal for beginners.

  • Classes

You’ll find exotic offerings at Crunch like AntiGravity Yoga along with trendy options including HIIT training, kickboxing, and Pilates. Planet Fitness has a simple selection of classic group workouts led by knowledgeable staff. Classes help build community while providing structure.

  • Personal Training

While both have personal training available, it comes at an additional charge at Crunch. However, Planet Fitness includes basic personal training consultations with all Classic and Black Card tiers. This makes customized guidance more accessible to members.

  • Atmosphere

Crunch Fitness fosters a lively, high-energy environment to keep members engaged as they explore new challenges. Planet Fitness tones this down with its “Judgement Free Zone” culture that puts newbies at ease. So depends on what inspires your best workout!

  • Locations

With over 2000 locations spanning the U.S., Planet Fitness edges out Crunch in accessibility to members. However, Crunch locations also number in the hundreds, so you still get decent geographical coverage.

  • Amenities

While offerings vary by location, Crunch provides amenities ranging from HydroMassage beds to suntanning facilities to childcare. Similarly, Black Card Planet Fitness members can access basic services like massage chairs and UV tanning. Perks enhance the overall experience.

Planet Fitness Vs Crunch Fitness: Quick Comparison Table

Crunch Fitness Planet Fitness
Membership Cost $9.95-$25.95/month $10-$22.99/month
Equipment Advanced and innovative Basic beginner equipment
Classes Trendy and exotic options Small trainered group sessions
Personal Training Additional fee Included with membership
Atmosphere Lively and high intensity Relaxed “Judgement Free Zone”
Locations 300+ 2000+
Amenities Varies by location Limited (Black Card members only)

Which Gym is Better for You: Crunch or Planet Fitness?

So should you choose Crunch or Planet Fitness? Here are key factors to help decide:

  • Best for complete beginners – Those completely new to working out will appreciate Planet Fitness’ unintimidating vibe, straightforward equipment, and included personal training. Build foundations before exploring advanced options.
  • Best variety and challenge – If you crave experimentation in your workouts, then Crunch’s ever-changing lineup of classes along with high-tech equipment is more your speed. Always brings something fresh.
  • Best budget option – You can’t beat the $10 starter membership at Planet Fitness. But Crunch also starts at an affordable $9.95/month for basic access. Great value either way.
  • Best locations – With 5 times as many national outlets, Planet Fitness takes gold for accessibility. But Crunch still impresses with hundreds of well-equipped fitness centers throughout the country.

Analyze your fitness persona and priorities to determine whether Crunch or Planet Fitness seems like the best home for your workouts! And it doesn’t necessarily have to be one or the other – mix and match to keep your regime intriguing.

Top 5 Gym Alternatives to Crunch and Planet Fitness

Want to consider other budget-friendly gym chains beyond Crunch and Planet Fitness? Here are 5 top-rated alternatives for convenience, value, and excellence:

Gym Monthly Cost Key Features
Anytime Fitness $55 Average Open 24/7. Global gym network.
Fit4Less $5+ Very affordable. Cardio and strength equipment focus.
YMCA $40-$100 All-round wellness programs. Income-based rates are available.
Basecamp Fitness $25 Average Climbing walls, pools, classes. Outdoor vibe.
Gold’s Gym $30-$50 Broad class selection. Gym amenities galore.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: Does Crunch or Planet Fitness have contracts?

No, neither Crunch nor Planet Fitness require contracts. Membership is month-to-month.

  • Q2: Can I work out at any location with Crunch or Planet Fitness?

Yes, premium “All-Club Access” memberships allow access to any Crunch Fitness or Planet Fitness location nationwide.

  • Q3: Do these gyms have age restrictions?

Yes, you need to be at least 18 to join Crunch Fitness independently. For Planet Fitness, ages 14-17 can join but need parent/guardian consent.

  • Q4: What about bringing a guest?

Both Crunch and Planet Fitness permit members to bring guests to workout. The amount of yearly guest visits allowed varies by membership tier.

  • Q5: Are amenities like tanning beds and massage chairs included?

For Crunch Fitness, amenities depend on location. At Planet Fitness, they come with a pricier Black Card membership ($22.99+ per month).

  • Q6: Can I freeze my gym membership if injured/traveling?

Yes! Both Crunch Fitness and Planet Fitness allow members to place accounts on hold for 1-3 months annually, for just $10-$15 per month.

  • Q7: What special discounts are available?

Discounts include corporate partnerships, student rates, and military/first responder savings for Crunch and Planet Fitness. Sign-up fees are also regularly waived.

  • Q8: What equipment do these gyms offer?

While Crunch has more robust gear, both provide satisfactory strength (weights, resistance machines) and cardio offerings (ellipticals, bikes, treadmills).

  • Q9: Are personal trainers available?

Yes, both gyms provide personal training: Crunch for added fees, and Planet Fitness built into Black Card membership.

  • Q10: Do they offer workout classes?

Yes! Popular group classes like Zumba, yoga, and indoor cycling are offered. Crunch also provides more adventurous sessions, while PF has small-group workouts.

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Conclusion: Choose Crunch for Intensity or Planet Fitness to Start Out

When comparing Crunch Fitness versus Planet Fitness, the choice ultimately depends on your fitness level and what environment best motivates you.

Are you an experienced exerciser who wants to push yourself, or just getting started on your fitness journey?


For hardcore gym enthusiasts who want intensity paired with the latest exercises and equipment, Crunch takes the lead. But beginners and casual exercisers will be far more at ease in Planet Fitness’ pressure-free Judgement Free Zone.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be an either/or decision. Crunch provides a wide spectrum from basic to cutting-edge, while Planet Fitness gives solid first steps before growing into more dynamic options.

Wherever you are fitness-wise, with affordable memberships starting at just $10 per month, you’ll thrive by matching your personality and workout style to the gym that feels like home.

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