HOTWORX Reviews 2024: Is it Worth It


Hotworx is a franchise of infrared sauna studios that offers hot yoga and other workout classes. With over 230 locations across the United States and Canada, Hotworx aims to provide an intense full-body workout while allowing members to burn up to 1000 calories per 60-minute session.


HOTWORX Reviews 2024


But is Hotworx worth the hype? Here is an in-depth look at the pros, cons, features, pricing, and alternatives to see if Hotworx is right for your fitness needs.

Introduction to Hotworx

Hotworx utilizes infrared heat technology and infrared saunas to heat its workout rooms between 100-120 degrees Fahrenheit. The hot environment allows members to stretch deeper, sweat more, and burn more calories than a typical workout studio.


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The 60-minute Hotworx sessions combine cardio, strength training, and flexibility through the following hot yoga styles:

  • Hot Iso: An isometric workout holding intense postures to build strength
  • Hot Pilates: Focuses on core muscles with a Pilates regimen
  • Hot Barre: Sculpts muscles using ballet-inspired moves
  • Hot Warrior: High-intensity interval training
  • Hot Core: Works the entire core through strengthening exercises
  • Hot Buns: Focuses on glutes and thighs
  • Hot Band: Resistance training with stretch bands
  • Hot Cycle: Spin class in an infrared sauna
  • Hot Blast: HIIT cardio intervals
  • Hot Flow: Yoga flows synchronized with music
  • Hot Zen: Stretching and meditative long hold
  • Hot HIIT: Intense HIIT cardio and bodyweight intervals
  • Hot BUNS: Focus on the glutes and legs
  • Hot Core: Intense core work
  • Hot Warrior: An intense full-body interval workout

No matter what Hotworx class you take, the infrared heat allows you to warm up quickly while stimulating blood flow. Members can burn up to 1000 calories per session while seeing faster results compared to traditional fitness classes.

Pros and Cons of Hotworx:

Pros of Hotworx:

  • Burns up to 1000 calories per 60-minute session.
  • Infrared heat allows deeper stretches and more sweat.
  • Faster results and more visible progress.
  • Short, 60-minute full-body workouts.
  • 14 different class options for a variety.
  • Beginner-friendly modified poses are available.
  • Welcoming, body-positive environment.

Cons of Hotworx:

  • Can be too hot for some members.
  • Higher monthly fees compared to regular gyms.
  • Limited class schedules at some locations.
  • Poses are not always fully corrected by instructors.
  • Not suited for those with high blood pressure or on stimulants.

Hotworx Features and Benefits

  • Full-Spectrum Infrared Saunas

Hotworx uses infrared saunas to heat workout rooms to between 100-120°F. Infrared light raises the body’s core temperature causing you to sweat more. This allows for deeper stretching while providing detoxification benefits.

  • Up to 1000 Calories Burned Per Session

The infrared heat and challenging 60-minute classes allow members to burn up to 1000 calories per session. For comparison, most one-hour gym workouts burn 300-600 calories. The increased sweat from Hotworx’s saunas is what cranks up the fat-burning potential.

  • Muscle Recovery and Growth

The infrared heat technology also facilitates muscle recovery while reducing soreness. Members can work harder more frequently compared to traditional gyms. The increased blood flow from full-body sweating delivers more oxygen and nutrients to working muscles.

  • 14 Unique Hot Yoga Styles

No matter your goals, there is a Hotworx class to challenge your body and mind. The 14 proprietary classes like Hot Iso, Hot Core, and Hot HIIT mean the workouts stay fresh while offering variety.

  • Customizable Intensity

While Hotworx workouts aim for high intensity, the sessions can be modified for all levels. Beginners take breaks as needed while advanced members intensify movements for more rigor. Hotworx workouts are as intense as you want them.

  • Infrared Sauna Benefits

In addition to cranking up the burn during workouts, Hotworx’s infrared saunas provide many other health benefits. These include immune-system boosting, detoxification through heavy sweating, clearer skin, and lower stress levels.

Tips for Starting a Hotworx Session

Hotworx workouts take place in intensely heated rooms, so they require more hydration and preparation than a regular gym session. Here are some tips for making the most out of your Hotworx experience:

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Drink at least 20 oz of water in advance of your class. Hotworx Studios also provides supplemental electrolyte drinks.
  • Arrive early: Get to the studio 10-15 minutes early to acclimate to the heat and meet the instructor. This prevents dizziness.
  • Start slow: Allow your body time to adjust by slowly easing into postures and intervals early on. Build intensity as your body adapts.
  • Focus on breath: Conscious breathing prevents hyperventilation and dizziness. Inhale and exhale fully with each movement.
  • Rest when needed: Take breaks as needed instead of pushing past your limits. There is no shame in skipping postures or intervals that are too intense.
  • Hydrate after class: Drink another 20 oz of water and electrolytes which are provided. This replaces fluids lost from heavy sweating.

Following these simple tips prepares both your body and mind for a safe, effective Hotworx session while preventing lightheadedness. Don’t be afraid to modify poses to your comfort level.

What to Bring to Hotworx?

Since Hotworx workouts involve intense sweating in heated rooms, you need to come equipped with the following:

  • Water bottle: Bring a large water bottle to prevent dehydration. Many Hotworx studios provide supplementary electrolyte drinks as well.
  • Grip aids: The infrared heat can make hands slippery with sweat causing slippage with weights or yoga mats. Bring grip aids like Grippo or towels to soak up moisture.
  • Headwear: Bandanas, sweatbands, and hats prevent heavy sweat from burning eyes. Soak them for a cooling effect.
  • Athleisure wear: Light moisture-wicking tank tops, shorts, and leggings allow sweat and heat to dissipate while providing comfort through a range of motion. Avoid baggy clothing.
  • No shoes: Workouts are performed barefoot so the infrared heat can penetrate.
  • Yoga mat: Bring your yoga mat for padding during floor exercises. Mats are also available to rent or purchase at most locations.
  • Lock: Most Hotworx locations have small lockers available to secure your belongings during class.

Having these essentials leads to a more comfortable Hotworx session. The heat takes some getting used to, but packing accordingly helps.

Ideal Hotworx Workout Frequency

While Hotworx advertises up to 1000 calories burned per hour, avoid doing hour-long sessions every day. Here are some tips on the ideal Hotworx workout frequency:

  • Beginner: Start with 2-3 thirty-minute classes during your first 1-2 weeks. This allows your body to adjust to the intense heat and challenging workouts.
  • Intermediate: Build up to 45-60 minute classes, 4 times per week ideal for fat burning. The hot yoga flows coupled with HIIT provide sufficient muscle-building intensity without overtraining.
  • Advanced: Very fit members can handle up to 5-6 sessions per week max. This includes doubles with back-to-back classes. Listen to your body and allow for proper rest and recovery between sessions.

No matter your fitness level, remaining adequately hydrated between Hotworx workouts promotes muscle repair while replenishing lost fluids. Proper electrolyte intake prevents cramping and dizziness. Avoid back-to-back Hotworx sessions as a beginner until your body fully adapts.

Is Hotworx Good for Beginners?

While Hotworx provides intense workouts, the sessions can be modified for all fitness levels. Here’s why it works well for beginners:

  • Flexible intensity: Instructors provide easier modifications allowing beginners to work at their own pace. There is no pressure.
  • Range of classes: Beginner-friendly options like Hot Flow or Hot Zen allow for an easier introduction before more advanced classes.
  • Build fitness safely: The infrared heat warms up muscles quicker reducing injury risk compared to intense cold-start workouts.
  • Instructor guidance: Teachers correct form and provide modifications for those new to hot yoga poses. You’ll perform them safely.
  • Welcoming vibe: The body-positive culture does not intimidate fitness newbies allowing them to comfortably ease into sessions.
  • Burn more calories: Beginners often see faster visible results compared to traditional gyms thanks to increased sweat. This motivates to keep attending.

As long as you listen to your body, hydrate properly, and take breaks when needed, Hotworx caters well to beginners looking to improve their fitness in a supportive environment. Just take it slow your first couple of sessions.

Is Hotworx Really Worth It?

With monthly membership fees starting around $59 along with $5 single class drop-in fees, Hotworx costs more than an average gym membership. Combined with the intense infrared heat that takes acclimation, is Hotworx worth it?

For those seeking an intense calorie-torching workout in 60 minutes, Hotworx delivers. The average session burns 650-1000 calories through synergizing heat, HIIT training, isometrics, and yoga. You intensify your workout efficiency.

However, people happy with their current gym routine see limited benefits from switching to Hotworx outside of accelerating weight loss. If you dislike hot yoga or already have an intense regimen, save your money.


Ultimately Hotworx fills a unique fat-burning niche for people wanting to quickly break through fitness plateaus. The monthly fees provide access to all locations allowing you to workout while traveling. Consider taking a single class to gauge if the intensity matches your preferences before committing to a monthly membership.

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Customer Reviews of Hotworx

Hotworx aims to provide an intense yet welcoming workout environment through its infrared heated rooms and passionate instructors. With over 230 locations across North America, what do members have to say?

Positive Aspects

  • Burns a ton of calories: Between the heat and challenging classes, I torch up to 1000 calories a session unlike anything else!”
  • Welcoming community vibe: As a former gym-timid person, I never feel judged at Hotworx. Everyone is super supportive.”
  • Quickly boosted fitness: I rapidly gained endurance and flexibility after just a month of Hotworx workouts. The infrared heat works magic on my muscles!”
  • Variety prevents boredom: With fourteen different class styles available, I never get tired of the workouts. There’s always a new challenge!”

Negative Aspects

  • Too hot for beginners: They weren’t kidding about the heat! As someone new to hot yoga, I had trouble lasting 10 minutes my first few classes.”
  • Limited schedules: With just a set amount of classes available each day, it was sometimes hard to attend Hotworx as often as I wanted.”
  • “Easy to overdo it: A few times I pushed myself too hard and felt nauseous after class. It’s not for the faint of heart and requires knowing your limits.”
  • Pricey membership fees: My location increased their monthly membership to over $70. It stacks up quickly compared to my old gym.”

As seen from customer reviews, Hotworx provides an incredibly intense, calorie-burning workout unmatched by many boutique fitness franchises. However the heat, limited schedules, and potential to overexert require caution, especially for beginners.


Top 5 Hotworx Alternatives 2024

For those seeking a similar full-body workout without the intense infrared heat, here are the top studios offering comparable calorie burn and fitness gains to Hotworx:

Studio Avg. Calories Burned Signature Workout Style
Orange Theory Fitness 500-900 cal HIIT intervals
Barry’s Bootcamp 700-1000 cal Treadmill, weights intervals
CorePower Yoga 400-700 cal Heated vinyasa yoga
Pure Barre 350-500 cal Isometric ballet conditioning
F45 Training 450-750 cal Functional high intensity circuits

Out of alternatives providing intense full-body training, Orange Theory, and Barry’s Bootcamp come closest to matching Hotworx’s caloric burn thanks to their utilization of interval training. However, only Hotworx syncs hot yoga flows with HIIT workouts while burning close to 1000 calories in just 60 minutes.

Let’s explore some of the most intense Hotworx alternatives more closely:

#1: Orange Theory Fitness

With over 1500 locations worldwide, Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) rivals Hotworx’s explosive growth thanks to its intense High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts that torch calories with both cardio and strength training.

  • Industry-leading calorie burn up to 900 calories per session
  • Heart rate monitoring tracks intensity and training zones
  • Variety of equipment like rowers, treadmills, and floor exercises
  • Open 24/7 at most locations with workout times starting early
  • Guest passes allow trying OTF before joining
  • Often waitlisted due to popularity
  • Lacks infrared sauna detox benefits
  • Higher injury risk than in yoga classes
  • Much pricier membership than average gyms

For those seeking intense HIIT-style training outside of Hotworx, Orange Theory leads competitors in terms of matched calorie burn potential. Members need adequate rest between sessions to facilitate recovery. Compared to Hotworx, OTF serves better for improving cardio performance rather than flexibility due to no heated rooms.

#2: Pure Barre

Pure Barre offers low-impact isometric workouts blending aspects of ballet, Pilates, and yoga to sculpt muscles through small, controlled movements rather than heavy weights.

  • Low injury risk thanks to no-impact training
  • Emphasizes muscle toning over bulking
  • Focuses on improving posture and balance
  • Intricate movements challenge control and stability
  • Won’t build significant strength or cardio
  • Very low-calorie burn around 350-550 calories per hour
  • Easy to outpace instructors as an advanced student

For those seeking muscle sculpting and body shaping over extreme calorie burn, Pure Barre provides an upscale boutique fitness experience. The meticulous movements strengthen smaller supporting muscles often overlooked during traditional lifting. Hotworx still reigns supreme for HIIT-style calorie incineration within an hour session.

#3: F45 Training

This Australian-based franchise brings fast-paced functional high-intensity workouts blending cardio, weights, bodyweight training, and HIIT circuits across 50+ global locations

  • Fun, community vibe unlike intimidating “bro” gym atmospheres
  • World-class variety from 2000+ ever-changing functional exercises
  • Perfect for HIIT fans seeking strength/cardio balance
  • Quantify progress through stats like strength gains
  • Easy to sacrifice safety and form during rushed transitions
  • Requires a high level of existing fitness to keep up
  • Gym equipment still limits flexibility training

F45 Training gives Orange Theory competition through creative high-intensity functional classes fused with cutting-edge tech. However, Hotworx continues providing unrivaled flexibility/HIIT training combinations enhanced by infrared therapy absent from other franchises.

FAQs on Hotworx:

  • Do you have to be in good shape for Hotworx?

No, Hotworx caters to all fitness levels! Thanks to pose modifications and the ability to work at your own pace, beginners remain comfortable. Just prepare for an intense workout.

  • What is the minimum age to start Hotworx classes?

The minimum age for attending Hotworx classes depends on location but typically ranges between 10-16 years old along with guardian consent. Always verify age requirements with your specific studio.

  • How many calories does a 30 vs 60-minute Hotworx class burn?

While individual burn varies, most members burn around:

  1. 500-800 calories per 45-minute class
  2. 650-1000 calories per 60-minute class
  • Is it easy to get lightheaded or dizzy in the intense heat?

It’s very common early on! Acclimating to the heat takes most members a few sessions. Avoiding dehydration, taking breaks as needed, and easing in prevent most dizziness.

  • If I dislike hot yoga, will I enjoy the other Hotworx classes?

Yes! Alongside hot yoga flows, Hotworx offers lower-intensity practices like Hot Pilates or beginner-friendly Hot Barre focusing less on heat or advanced postures. There’s a class for everyone!


For those seeking intense, high-efficiency workouts that instigate rapid fat burning through synergizing infrared heat, HIIT training, yoga, pilates, barre, and more, Hotworx provides uniquely intense 60-minute full-body sessions unmatched by competitors.

Members torch up to 1000 calories per class thanks to infrared sauna technology unavailable elsewhere.


However, the intense heat combined with advanced classes appeals most to intermediate or advanced fitness fans instead of beginners starting their journey.

Additionally, those hardcore devotees seeking extreme muscle gain through heavy lifting or elite endurance may outgrow what Hotworx provides.

But for exercisers wanting to quickly shatter through plateaus via diversified, holistic training methods enhanced by infrared saunas, Hotworx fills an exclusive niche within the boutique fitness industry.

The unlimited monthly memberships encourage visitors to reap amplified benefits from accessing any location. Just prepare for an extreme workout, unlike anything you have ever done before!


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