Doja Cat’s Weight Loss Journey: From Struggle to Success

Hey there! Today, we’re going to talk about the amazing weight loss journey of none other than Doja Cat.

You know her as the Grammy-winning rapper, singer, and songwriter behind hits like “Say So”, “Kiss Me More”, and “Need to Know”.

But did you know that Doja also had to overcome some serious challenges with her body image and weight? That’s right, even big stars like her have to work hard to feel good in their skin.

Doja Cat’s Weight Loss Journey

Doja Cat's Weight Loss

So, let’s dive in and learn all about how Doja Cat was able to shed the pounds and become the confident, glowing queen we know and love today!

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Doja Cat’s Weight Loss Struggle

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how Doja lost weight, let’s talk a bit about why she wanted to in the first place. You see, Doja has been open about her struggles with body dysmorphia, which is when you fixate on perceived flaws in your appearance. For her, this started way back in her teenage years.

She said:

“I started growing, and I never really thought I looked good in a lot of the stuff I wore. I feel like that song (Juicy) was therapeutic for me, I kind of made it for myself – well, the meaning behind it, at least, I was kind of doing it for my happiness and I feel like other people can pull some joy from that, too. Now I just try to focus on eating well, but I still struggle with body dysmorphia a bit now. But I think that’s to be completely expected when there are all these phones in your face, right.”

So even though Doja was becoming a major star, with millions of fans who loved her music and her vibe, she was still battling some serious insecurities. That’s something a lot of us can relate to, don’t you think?

The important thing is, that Doja didn’t let the haters get her down. She made it clear that her weight loss journey was a personal choice, not something she did because of outside pressure.

In her words:

“I never worried about being fat in the beginning and said that it doesn’t matter what others think of her. The weight loss was her choice and not because people judged her. She just wanted to show that everything is possible if you want to do it.”

You gotta admire that kind of strength and determination!

Doja Cat Weight Loss Before and After Pictures:

Doja Cat Weight Loss Before and After Pictures

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How Doja Cat Lost the Weight?

Alright, so now that we know the “why” behind Doja’s weight loss, let’s get into the “how”. As you might expect, there was no magic pill or easy shortcut. Doja had to put in the work, both in terms of diet and exercise.

According to reports, Doja lost around 20 pounds over a few years. That might not sound like a massive amount, but slow and steady weight loss is much healthier and more sustainable than trying to drop a bunch of weight all at once.

So, what exactly did Doja do? Let’s break it down:

Doja Cat’s Diet Plan to Lose Weight

One of the biggest changes Doja made was to her diet. She used to be a bit of a junk food junkie, but she realized that if she wanted to get serious about her health, she needed to clean up her eating habits.

Based on hints from her social media, it seems like Doja’s new and improved diet included:

  • Lots of lean proteins like eggs, fish, and chicken
  • Plenty of fresh fruits and veggies
  • Complex carbs like quinoa
  • Healthy fats from sources like avocado and nuts
  • Lots of water to stay hydrated

Here’s a sample of what a typical day of eating might look like for Doja:

Meal Foods
Breakfast 2 eggs, whole grain toast
Lunch Grilled salmon or tuna, mixed veggies
Snacks Seaweed chips, fresh fruit, coffee
Dinner Spinach salad with grilled chicken, light dressing

Doja also made an effort to cut way back on processed junk foods and alcohol. Instead, she focused on whole, nutritious ingredients that would give her body the fuel it needed.

Doja Cat’s Workout Routine to Loose Weight

Of course, eating right is only half the battle when it comes to weight loss. Doja also committed to a consistent exercise routine to help her shed the pounds and get toned.

According to reports, Doja’s workouts included:

  • Running/jogging for at least 15 minutes per day, either outdoors or on the treadmill
  • Cycling a few times per week
  • Strength training exercises like:
    • Squats with bicep curls
    • Step-ups on a bench
    • Push-ups
    • Dumbbell chest presses on an incline bench
    • Kettlebell swings
    • Lunges
    • Crunches and other core work

Some sources say Doja worked with a personal trainer to put together her program and keep her on track. The focus was on combining cardio with resistance exercises to build lean muscle and boost her metabolism.

Even when lockdown hit and gyms closed, Doja didn’t let that stop her. She made sure to have some basic equipment like dumbbells at home so she could keep up with her workouts.

Did Doja Cat Get Weight Loss Surgery?

Now, whenever a celebrity has a major body transformation, there are always rumors about whether they had secret surgery or used diet pills or something like that.

But in Doja’s case, she’s been very clear that her weight loss was achieved purely through lifestyle changes – no shortcuts. As she put it:

“She claims to have got into shape just by following a properly maintained diet and regular physical exercises.”

So while surgery can be the right choice for some people, that wasn’t part of Doja’s journey. She put in the hard work day after day, and that’s something to be admired!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before we wrap up, let’s go over some common questions people have about Doja Cat’s weight loss journey:

  1. How much weight did Doja Cat lose?
    • According to reports, Doja lost around 20 pounds over a few years.
  2. What diet did Doja Cat follow to lose weight?
    • Doja focused on eating whole, unprocessed foods like lean proteins, fruits and veggies, healthy fats, and complex carbs. She cut out junk food and alcohol.
  3. What workouts did Doja Cat do to get in shape?
    • Doja’s exercise routine included a mix of cardio (like running and cycling) and strength training moves like squats, lunges, push-ups, and dumbbell exercises.
  4. Did Doja Cat have weight loss surgery?
    • No, Doja has been clear that her results came purely from diet and exercise changes, not from any kind of surgery or medical intervention.
  5. How did Doja Cat deal with body-shaming during her weight loss?
    • Doja used her platform to promote body positivity and self-love. She spoke out against her critics and released empowering music videos celebrating all body types.

The Bottom Line:

At the end of the day, Doja Cat’s weight loss journey is an inspiration to anyone who has struggled with body image issues or wants to get healthier. She’s living proof that with hard work, dedication, and a whole lot of self-love, incredible transformations are possible.

But the true takeaway here isn’t really about the number on the scale or the size of your jeans. It’s about learning to appreciate and care for the body you have, regardless of what it looks like. It’s about drowning out the haters and celebrating your own unique beauty and strength.

So whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or just feel a little more confident in your own skin, take a page out of Doja Cat’s book. Focus on nourishing your body with good food, moving in ways that make you feel amazing, and surrounding yourself with positive vibes.

And most importantly, never let anyone make you feel less than the total superstar you are! Just like Doja, you’ve got this. Keep shining!

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