How Did Chrissy Metz Lose 100 Pounds in Weight Loss Journey?

When we think of Hollywood actresses, we often picture slim, perfectly toned women gracing the red carpet.

But Chrissy Metz, the beloved star of NBC’s hit show “This Is Us”, has shattered that stereotype with her talent, charisma, and powerful story of personal transformation.

Chrissy’s journey to lose 100 pounds was not just about changing her body – it was about overcoming a lifetime of struggles, learning to love herself unconditionally, and inspiring millions of fans along the way.

How Did Chrissy Metz Lose 100 Pounds in Weight Loss Journey?

Chrissy Metz Weight Loss

In this article, we’ll dive deep into Chrissy’s weight loss story and uncover the secrets behind her incredible success.

Chrissy Metz’s Early Struggles with Weight:

  • Born in Florida in 1980, Chrissy was a chubby child who turned to food for comfort amidst family hardships.
  • Her father left when she was 8, and her mother later remarried a man who was critical of Chrissy’s weight.
  • By age 11, Chrissy was the youngest person attending Weight Watchers meetings, desperate to slim down.
  • As a young adult, she yo-yo dieted, once losing 50 lbs before moving to LA only to gain back 100 lbs.

“My friends could eat whatever they wanted, but I knew as a kid if I ate certain things I would gain weight,” Chrissy has said of her childhood. “I had to be cognizant of what I ate.”

Despite her lifelong battle with the scale, Chrissy never let her size stop her from chasing her Hollywood dreams.

She started landing acting gigs in 2005, with small roles in shows like “All of Us” and “My Name is Earl”. But even as her career was taking off, privately Chrissy was struggling.

Hitting Rock Bottom

Everything changed for Chrissy in 2010 when she landed in the hospital on her 30th birthday after suffering a devastating panic attack.

Anxiety and depression had caught up with her, exacerbated by years of crash diets and self-loathing.

“Here I was, turning 30, and I realized I didn’t have everything figured out like I thought I would,” Chrissy recalled.

“I was at a really low point, but it was also a turning point. I knew I needed to make some major changes physically, mentally, and spiritually if I wanted to live the life I desired.”

That wake-up call sparked a profound shift in Chrissy’s approach to weight loss. Rather than fixating on getting skinny, she began focusing on getting healthy and healing her relationship with her body.

How Did Chrissy Metz Lose 100 Pounds?

Over the next few years, Chrissy embarked on a slow and steady weight loss journey guided by four key principles:

  1. Self-love: Chrissy started practicing radical self-acceptance, working to love herself unconditionally instead of tying her self-worth to the number on the scale. “You have to love yourself beyond your body,” she has said.
  2. Meditation: To manage anxiety and emotional eating triggers, Chrissy turned to daily meditation and gratitude practices. “It helped me realize that my imperfections are actually what make me perfect,” she has explained.
  3. Mindful eating: Working with a nutritionist, Chrissy developed a balanced meal plan focused on whole foods, controlled portions, and listening to her body’s hunger cues. She ditched sugary sodas and processed junk in favor of nourishing options.
  4. Joyful movement: While Chrissy has never been a hardcore gym bunny, she began incorporating more activity into her life, taking daily walks outdoors and doing light exercises she enjoyed rather than punishing herself with intense workouts.

By implementing these holistic lifestyle changes, the pounds started melting off almost effortlessly.

After a couple of years, Chrissy had dropped from her peak weight of around 400 lbs down to the 200s, losing over 100 lbs total.

A typical day of eating for Chrissy might look something like this:

Meal Menu
Breakfast Eggs, oatmeal, fruit juice
Lunch Veggie-loaded sandwich, berries
Snacks Cheese, raw veggies, low sugar fruit
Dinner Baked chicken or fish, green veggies, broth-based soup

Chrissy also started drinking tons of water, aiming for a gallon a day to keep her well-hydrated and her appetite in check. “I don’t drink soda anymore, I don’t eat candy,” she has said. “I want to be mentally, emotionally and physically healthy.”

Finding Breakthrough Success

In 2016, Chrissy landed her biggest role yet as Kate Pearson on “This Is Us”.

The character’s struggles with her weight deeply resonated with Chrissy. “Here was this woman who was dealing with weight, something I understand on a personal level,” she has said.

“I remember reading those lines like, ‘I’m always going to be afraid of dessert’… That was so real to me.”

Chrissy’s soulful, nuanced portrayal earned her widespread acclaim, including Golden Globe and Emmy nominations.

But some fans speculated that Chrissy’s This Is Us contract required her to lose weight, a claim she has staunchly denied.

“There was never a contract saying I had to lose weight,” she has clarified. “Nobody mandated anything. I want to be clear about that because it’s important to me that people know I was never pressured about it.”

While Kate’s storyline depicted her undergoing weight loss surgery, in real life Chrissy never went under the knife or resorted to extreme measures like diet pills or keto fads.

Her transformation has been 100% natural, driven by sustainable lifestyle changes and a commitment to nourishing her body, mind, and soul.

Inspiring Others on Their Own Journeys

As Chrissy’s profile has risen, she has emerged as a beacon of body positivity, using her platform to spread messages of self-love and acceptance.

“I’m not going to stop being an advocate for body positivity and representation,” she has declared. “Because there are people like me who need to see themselves represented.”

In 2018, Chrissy published a candid memoir called “This Is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today”.

The book takes readers behind the scenes of her weight loss journey, delving into her lifelong battle with body image and the importance of loving yourself at any size.

“It’s not about fitting into a certain size, it’s about feeling comfortable in your skin,” Chrissy writes in the book.

“Self-love is a daily practice, one I’m still learning. But I know now that my self-worth isn’t defined by the scale or my jean size. My weight doesn’t determine my value as a human being.”

What’s Next for Chrissy?

With This Is Us wrapping up its final season, Chrissy is excited to continue expanding her horizons both on-screen and off.

In addition to acting, she is passionate about producing projects that uplift marginalized voices and showcase diverse stories.

She is also working on her second book, slated for release next year, which she has hinted will focus on cultivating more joy, gratitude, and authenticity in an often chaotic world.

“I want to help people find their bliss,” Chrissy has said of the upcoming book. “Life is too short not to be happy.”

As for her ongoing health journey, Chrissy remains committed to prioritizing self-care and living a balanced lifestyle – not chasing after an arbitrary goal weight.

“Size doesn’t equate to happiness,” she often says. “I don’t focus on numbers, I focus on my overall wellbeing. Weight loss is great, but it’s just the cherry on top of truly loving yourself.”

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Chrissy Metz’s story is proof that incredible transformations are possible when you approach change from a place of self-love and compassion rather than deprivation and punishment.

Her 100 pound weight loss wasn’t about getting red carpet ready or fitting into a sample size – it was a physical manifestation of an inner journey to healing, wholeness, and happiness.

By sharing her struggles and triumphs so openly, Chrissy has empowered countless others to let go of shame, trust their journeys, and treat themselves with more kindness and grace.

She is living proof that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and that true radiance starts from within.

As Chrissy continues to inspire audiences on-screen and off, her greatest role yet may be as a shining example of what’s possible when you dare to love the skin you’re in while still striving to become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself.

In a world fixated on unrealistic ideals, Chrissy is a much-needed breath of fresh air, reminding us all that the key to lifelong transformation lies in embracing ourselves exactly as we are.

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