How Do You Treat Cradle Cap On A Newborn?


Approaching babies’ delicate skin is always a challenging task for parents. Since they don’t have as strong skin tissues as we do, they need an extra sensitive approach to treat a particular condition.


Cradle cap is a skin condition that begins thriving on the scalp and often spreads to other body parts.

How Do You Treat Cradle Cap On A Newborn?

How Do You Treat Cradle Cap On A Newborn

This condition is quite common and possibly has affected your newborn. If you see flakes on the baby’s scalp and see a red raised rash, it could be a cradle cap. However, some skin conditions mimic cradle caps, like eczema, dry scalp, etc.


Seborrheic Dermatitis is a parent skin condition which is called “Cradle Cap” in children and “Dandruff” in adults. 

When you identify that it is a cradle cap, you need to get the right treatment for your little bundle of joy. To help you out, we have listed some ways to tackle cradle caps in newborns. 

Does it need treatment?

You might be familiar with those pesky flakes that most people face in dandruff, but this same condition (with more severe symptoms) happens in newborns and children.

It induces:

  • White or yellow flakes on the scalp.
  • Redness in the affected area.
  • Flakes on other body parts (armpits, face, ears, elbow crease, diaper area, and skin folds).
  • Scales and patches.
  • Temporary hair loss (not common).

Those symptoms are not so severe. It usually fades out on its own without any treatment. That’s why it doesn’t need treatment.

In the case of persistent symptoms or flare-ups, it is better to get rid of it manually. 

How to treat cradle cap?

Try these ways collectively and then see if it works. Note that every baby has a different skin tone.

So, if these methods work for somebody (which, in fact, works), it may or may not work for your loved one. 


Follow the methods below and wait for a few days to see the results.

If symptoms are fading out, stick to these methods until the cradle cap completely goes away.

If nothing happens or the situation becomes worse, seek professional help.

  • Keep your baby clean

For skin-related problems, it is always best to keep your baby as clean as possible. A cradle cap makes the scalp, sometimes, smelly and inappropriate for hair follicles to thrive. 


That’s why you should give your baby enough baths to keep the scalp and other body parts clean. This will also help loosen flakes but do not overdo it.

Excessive baths can remove essential oils from the body, adding another complication (dry skin) to the existing scenario.

Note that giving a bath to your baby is the first step towards proper treatment. So, bathing your baby two times within a week is enough. 

  • Use a gentle comb

Now this adds a significant improvement in the treatment of cradle caps. To do so, we recommend using a comb with soft bristles to comb out flakes. There are some brushes specifically created to address those flakes. You can buy and try one. 


Note that you must gently use the comb throughout the scalp to avoid any skin and hair damage.

If some flakes are not removed using a brush, do not try to rub it hard because brushing is just another step towards treatment.

So, you do not have to completely rely on these two procedures.

  • Use a medicated shampoo

Now this is what makes the treatment most effective and complete. Remove flakes with a brush as much as possible and get back to the first point.


When giving a bath to your baby, replace your regular baby shampoo with a dermatologist-approved shampoo for cradle cap.

This is a great way to get the best out of bathing. Add a few drops of this shampoo on your newborn’s scalp and massage gently to loosen flakes.

Now rub your hands gently and massage for some minutes. Rinse with water thoroughly to remove residues. 

After the bath, pat dry your newborn baby. Do this twice a week and look for improvements. If it works, use it until you no longer see visible symptoms. 


Even after the treatment of the cradle cap, you can use this shampoo in your baby’s normal skincare routine.

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Wrapping up:

If you are following this treatment method for getting rid of those bothersome symptoms, you are done with a cradle cap. You do not need a further cure.

In the case that this treatment does not show any positive effects or cause the existing symptoms to flare up, it is better to consult a doctor.


I hope this guide has resolved your issue.

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