Bruce Lee Diet Plan & Workout Routine to Be Fit in Real Life


Hey there fitness fans! Today we’re diving into the world of martial arts legend Bruce Lee and taking a close look at how he ate and trained.


While you probably know Bruce Lee was crazy fit and skilled at kung fu, what exactly did he eat to fuel those muscles and moves?

Bruce Lee Diet Plan & Workout Routine to Be Fit in Real Life

Bruce Lee Diet Plan

Let’s break it down!


About The Bruce Lee Diet Plan

First off, it’s important to note that there was no single “Bruce Lee Diet” that he followed religiously. Bruce focused more on overall healthy eating principles rather than a super strict meal plan.

That said, there were certain foods he gravitated towards (and some he avoided). His main goals? Eating nutritious food and not overindulging in junk.

Bruce’s diet heavily featured Chinese dishes, as he found typical American food at the time to be bland.

Some Key Aspects of How He Ate:

  • Avoided cheese (but was okay with some milk and occasional ice cream).
  • Limited sweets and refined carbs.
  • Drank lots of tea, especially black and Lei Cha (a southern Chinese tea).
  • Took various vitamin/mineral supplements.
  • Didn’t drink alcohol.
  • Allowed occasional “unhealthy” foods in moderation.

So in a nutshell, Bruce Lee focused on whole, nutritious foods and avoided empty calories, but didn’t deprive himself completely.


Let’s look more at the specific foods he often ate.

What kind of food did Bruce Lee eat?

Bruce Lee’s favorite foods revolved mostly around Chinese cuisine.

Some of his go-to meals and ingredients included:

  • Beef with oyster sauce (his favorite dish)
  • Organ meats (like liver)
  • Rice and carb-heavy veggies
  • Spaghetti when his wife Linda made it
  • Supplements like lecithin, rose hips, wheat germ oil

He also drank a special homemade shake with:

Bruce Lee Protein Shake Ingredients
Powdered milk
Brewer’s yeast
Peanut butter
Wheat germ
Inositol and lecithin

The key to Bruce’s diet was balance, eating primarily healthy whole foods, and having treats in moderation. Now let’s look at the potential benefits of eating this way.

What are the benefits of the Bruce Lee Diet?

Eating like Bruce Lee isn’t just about getting ripped (though that’s certainly a perk).

Many aspects of his diet have legit health benefits too:

  • Black tea: Antioxidants, may help cholesterol, blood pressure, and gut health.
  • Small frequent meals: May improve insulin and reduce overeating for some.
  • Limiting sugar/refined carbs: Helps avoid health issues like diabetes, and inflammation.
  • Organ meats: Rich in key vitamins and minerals.
  • Supplements like ginseng & royal jelly: May boost energy, blood health, and cholesterol.

Of course, everybody is different so what worked for Bruce may need to be tweaked for you. But focusing on whole nutritious foods and balance is always a good start! Let’s put it all together and see what a sample Bruce Lee meal plan might look like.


What does a Bruce Lee Diet meal plan look like?

While we can’t say for sure every single thing Bruce ate, based on the available info, here’s what a typical day of eating may have included for him:

Meal 1 – Breakfast

  • Black tea with honey, royal jelly, ginseng
  • Liver congee
  • Orange juice

Meal 2 – Mid-morning snack

  • Bruce Lee Protein Shake (see ingredients above)

Meal 3 – Lunch

  • Garden Salad
  • Beef with oyster sauce
  • White rice
  • Lei Cha tea

Meal 4 – Late Afternoon Snack

  • Homemade carrot and apple juice

Meal 5 – Dinner

  • Spaghetti with meat sauce
  • Small side salad
  • A glass of milk (2%)

The emphasis was on balance, moderation, and foods that delivered quality fuel. But diet was only part of the equation – Bruce’s intense training also played a huge role in his incredible fitness. Let’s look at how diet and exercise worked together for him.

How to Combine the Bruce Lee Workout Routine & Diet?

Bruce Lee Workout Routine

Bruce Lee didn’t just eat with health in mind – he ate to power his performance. His training was no joke, sometimes involving:

  • 2+ hour long workouts
  • Thousands of punches/kicks
  • Morning runs
  • Dedicated skill practice with weapons like nunchucks

To fuel this, Bruce’s diet focused heavily on:

  1. Readily-available energy from carbs (e.g. rice, veggies, fruit)
  2. Adequate protein for strength and muscle (e.g. meats, eggs, dairy, beans)
  3. Balanced fat intake for satiety and health (limited sat fats, some healthy fats)

The goal was to give his body the right mix of nutrients to perform at a high level and recover well. Eating smaller meals throughout the day helped keep his energy up. And the occasional treat kept things sustainable.

Of course, we mere mortals probably don’t need to train as intensely as Bruce did. But we can still learn a lot from the way he approached food as fuel for an active lifestyle.

Focusing on mostly whole foods, getting a balance of carbs, protein, and fat, and leaving a little room for fun? That’s a solid approach for anyone looking to get fitter.

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In Conclusion


So there you have it – the principles behind how Bruce Lee ate and trained to become a martial arts icon.

While there’s no magical “Bruce Lee Diet” that will make you an overnight kung-fu master, there’s still a lot to learn from his approach:

  • Eat whole, nutritious foods
  • Get a balance of carbs, protein, and healthy fat
  • Hydrate, especially with antioxidant-rich drinks like tea
  • Eat strategically to fuel your activity
  • Enjoy treats in moderation
  • Combine a healthy diet with regular exercise

Applying these concepts in a way that works for your unique body and lifestyle?

That’s the real secret to mastering your health and fitness like Bruce Lee.


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