SSM MyChart Login at

In today’s digital age, accessing your medical records and health information online is easier than ever before. SSM Health offers its patients simple and secure access to their records through an online portal called MyChart.

This platform enables patients to conveniently view test results, renew prescriptions, schedule appointments, and seamlessly communicate with their healthcare providers from anywhere at any time.

SSM MyChart Login

SSM MyChart Login

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on SSM MyChart, the login process, troubleshooting password issues, outlining the key features and benefits of using this portal, and addressing some frequently asked questions.

Whether you are a first-time user ready to sign up or need help resetting your password, this guide has all the information you need to access your SSM Health records through MyChart.

What is SSM MyChart?

MyChart is an online patient portal developed by SSM Health to provide patients with personalized and secure access to their medical records. Some key features of SSM MyChart include:

  • Viewing test results
  • Accessing health records and summaries
  • Renewing prescriptions
  • Scheduling, canceling or rescheduling appointments
  • Easy communication with your healthcare team
  • Access records of your children or others you are authorized on

In a nutshell, MyChart makes it more convenient for patients to actively participate in the management of their health. It puts health records and services at a patient’s fingertips in a private, user-friendly interface.

Benefits of Using SSM MyChart:

Signing up for MyChart comes with numerous benefits:

  • No paperwork – MyChart eliminates tedious paperwork with features like eCheck-In for appointments.
  • Time savings – Renew prescriptions and message your doctor without having to schedule an appointment.
  • Convenience – Access records 24/7 and view test results as soon as they become available.
  • Clarity – Test results and notes become more understandable when you can read them at your own pace.
  • Portability – Manage your healthcare needs even when traveling or otherwise unable to physically visit a facility.
  • Control – MyChart puts you in charge of updating personal and family health details.
  • Security – Your data is kept safe through rigorous encryption and authentication processes.

SSM MyChart aims to make important health information accessible for patients while saving time and enhancing user experience.

Key Features of SSM MyChart:

MyChart has helpful features that enable patients to play an active role in their healthcare journey. The portal includes:

  • On My Way: See real-time waiting periods for urgent care clinics and save your spot in line before arriving.
  • Online scheduling: Easily schedule virtual or in-clinic doctor’s visits based on availability anywhere, anytime.
  • eCheck-In: Check in online up to 7 days before your appointment to skip front desk paperwork.
  • Contactless arrival: MyChart automatically notifies your clinic when you arrive using geolocation, checking you in seamlessly.
  • Video visits: Connect instantly with an SSM Health provider for live treatment of urgent or chronic conditions.

SSM MyChart Sign Up at

SSM MyChart Sign Up

Using MyChart is simple once set up. Here are the MyChart requirements:

  • Web access – Use any updated web browser on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone for the sign-up page.
  • Activation code – This unique code connects your MyChart account to your records.
  • Account credentials – This includes choosing a unique username and password.

If you are an existing SSM Health patient but need an activation code to sign up for MyChart access, you can:

  • Call your SSM Health clinic or hospital.
  • Ask for a code during an upcoming appointment.
  • Visit an SSM Health facility in person and request access.

For additional assistance creating, accessing, or managing your MyChart account, call 1-888-97CHART.

SSM MyChart Login at

SSM MyChart Login at

Follow these simple steps to log into your SSM MyChart patient portal:

  1. Navigate to on any browser or click here for login page.
  2. Enter your MyChart username
  3. Input your MyChart password
  4. Select “Sign In”

Once logged in, you will be directed to your MyChart homepage where all of your health information is stored conveniently in one place.

Resetting Your SSM MyChart Password at

Resetting Your SSM MyChart Password

If you cannot recall your MyChart password, you can easily reset it by:

  1. Click “Forgot Password?” on the MyChart login page to Recover Forget Password.
  2. Enter your MyChart username.
  3. Input your date of birth.
  4. Enter the ZIP code on your medical record.
  5. Supply the email linked to your MyChart account.
  6. Select “Next” and follow additional prompts to reset your password.

This will trigger a password reset email to your linked email ID. Click the link in the email to create a new password and regain access to your account.

About SSM Health

Headquartered in Missouri, SSM Health is a non-profit Catholic healthcare system operating in the Midwest across four states.

  • Founders: SSM Health was founded in 1872 by the Franciscan Sisters of Mary who opened a 30-bed hospital for the poor in Missouri. Their mission of compassionate care for the sick and dying paved the way for what is today a massive healthcare network.
  • Growth: From very humble beginnings, SSM Health has grown into an integrated delivery health system recognized nationally for exceptional patient care and health outcomes across its 10 hospitals and 200+ physician clinics.
  • Awards: SSM Health hospitals are Magnet designated for nursing excellence and have earned national quality rankings, positioning them as leaders in safety protocols and evidence-based care.
  • Specialties: As an integrated system, SSM Health provides the complete continuum of care offering primarily acute services including nationally-ranked heart, neurology, cancer, and orthopedic care.

Overall, SSM Health stands today on the same ethos of human dignity, community service, and care for patients at all life stages established by its pioneering founders over 15 decades ago.

Frequently Asked Questions About SSM MyChart

Here are answers to some common questions about SSM MyChart:

  • What is the official SSM MyChart portal address?

The official login URL is

  • Should I create a new account if I forget my username or password?

No, you can reset your MyChart credentials by using automated password recovery options. Avoid creating duplicate accounts.

  • Can I access MyChart records for my child or elderly dependent?

Yes, parents and authorized caregivers are given access to records of dependents for seamless health management.

  • What if my activation code does not work?

Activation codes expire after 90 days of first use. Contact SSM Health to issue a new code.

  • Is the MyChart mobile app secure?

Yes, the mobile app offers the same level of data security and is HIPAA compliant like the web portal to protect your health information.

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In closing, MyChart grants SSM Health patients a straightforward way to truly participate in their health journey while improving clinical outcomes.

Leveraging its many conveniences facilitates shared decision-making between patients and providers.

So whether you are signing up for the first time or have been using it for years – this guide covers everything required to easily access and navigate your SSM MyChart account.

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